Solving Personal Injury Cases in Pennsylvania

In Pennsylvania, personal injury compensation for minors, that is, those under the age of 18 requires the approval of a judge. The Pennsylvania Rule of Civil Procedure 2039 requires that any claim involving a minor must be a Court Order that supports the settlement of the dispute. Rule 2039 (a) states: "No action involving a minor shall be jeopardized, terminated or suspended, pursuant to a petition filed by the minor's guardian after the court has approved it."

The petition is a legal document that requires the Court to take action. Parents or legal guardians must apply to the Court for a Minor Engagement. This is a legal document that a lawyer must file or have on your behalf. The petition will tell the court how much the court has, what the case was, including the relevant medical records and legal costs and fees. The parent or legal guardian must verify that the settlement is fair and reasonable. The judge will then decide the case.

At the hearing, the parent or legal guardian must be present with the child. The court will first examine whether the settlement is fair and reasonable. They want to protect children's interests. The judge will attend the medical records and the child's current medical condition. The other reason a court order is needed is that minors cannot make a contract or agreement, and in Pennsylvania, when parents are hired on behalf of a minor, they could be suspended when they turn 18.

Usually, at the hearing, the judge will be the parent or legal guardian of the underage child and will ask questions about medical treatment, the child's condition, how the injury occurred, and how the parent understands the case. it's the end ..

Solution of personal injury for minors If approved by the Court, the court will require the funds to be paid to the minor to be credited to an interest account, up to the age of 18 years. Approval of order (medical circumstances or legal emergency, for example, requires light circumstances). If the case is settled by an insurance company, the Insurance will be informed of these Rules. You should issue a Court Order approving the settlement before submitting a settlement check.