Marriage separation statistics

Unfortunately, marriage separation is currently insufficiently researched and analyzed. Scientists explain too many complex factors that should generate statistics, for example:

– How old were the spouses?

– Was this their first marriage?

– Did the couple have any children?

And the most important factor:

– Did the couple split up after their separation (or separation), or did they get divorced?

One of the few statistics available today states that about 10% of all married couples in the United States are separated and united. However, other statistical data suggest that approximately 44% of divorced couples were separated and reconciled before divorcing.

There is a clear disagreement in the numbers above. Is it 10% or 44%? After doing some research on my own, I started on my way to a 44% mark. However, the data do not provide information on the reasons for the sudden marriage separation, planned separation or separation.

All marriage statistics show that both, marriage rates and divorce rates are falling at a similar rate.
For example:

In 1990, there were 7.1 marriages in Pennsylvania (the lowest number of states) and 99.0 marriages in Nevada (the highest number of states), per 1,000 people.

In 2004, there were 5.9 marriages in Pennsylvania (the lowest number of states) and 62.4 marriages in Nevada (the largest number of states), per 1,000 people.

This represents a decline in marriages in these two states from 1990 to 2004.

In 1990, there were 3.3 divorces in Pennsylvania (the lowest number of states) and 11.4 divorces in Nevada (the largest number of states), per 1,000 people.

And in 2004, there were 3.0 divorces in Pennsylvania (the lowest number of states) and 6.4 divorced in Nevada (the highest number of states), per 1,000 people.

This represents an average decline of 27.5% from 1990 to 2004 in both states.

Troubleshooting on the Horizon – Divisional Agreements and Recent Changes to PA UC

On June 17, 2011, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett approved changes to the Pennsylvania Unemployment Compensation Act. The changes described below will be effective January 1, 2012. Although designed as a cost-cutting measure for the Commonwealth budget, the changes can have unexpected consequences for attorneys and clients when negotiating rental packages. and lawyers practicing in this area of ​​law should expect interesting and surely confusing issues in the future.

In general, the Pennsylvania legislature revised the 80 PS section to 43 PS for claimants to account for unemployment benefits when applying for Unemployment Compensation Benefits. If the changes in section 804 (d) do not require a potential claimant to keep claiming unemployment benefits until after he has been fully paid, it seems likely that he will be liable for potential claims. ; entitlement to benefits. Although the new provisions may reduce eligibility for potential claims, it is likely that the litigation could be greatly increased, as it raises more questions than the issues they have allegedly resolved. Examples of the types of problems that may arise below

First example: Very often employee issues, unemployment compensation benefits are treated in the context of a broader and wider employment problem between the employer and the former employee. Once the issue of employment has been resolved to some extent, it is not unusual for a portion of the settlement funds to be issued directly to the employee, the remainder directly to the employee & # 39; s will be issued to the lawyer. With the new Unemployment Compensation law it is not clear what the employee is doing. s funds directly to the lawyer & # 39; s staff & # 39; whether they would be considered as part of the debt.

Second Example: Occasionally, the employer refuses to give the employee and his lawyer two (2) special checks. In this case, it is common for attorneys to receive all the funds, remove the extra fees and costs, and issue a check to the employee to make a difference. Despite receiving a reduction in attorneys' fees and costs, the employer will generally award the employee 1099 or W-2 for the full amount. As stated above, it is unclear whether the total amount in the context of Unemployment Compensation or the amount the employee actually receives will be considered as a dividend.

Third Example: Sometimes, the employer directly funds the employee and the amount of the retainer he or she has already paid. The employer issues 1099 for the money given to the lawyer. The lawyer also pays the retainer a refund. Could this return be included in a distribution package for employees?

Fourth example: some employees & # 39; Settlements with employers include, but are not limited to, the payment of compensation to an employee and, in particular, the amount to be paid for punitive damages. Termination payments provide W-2 issued to the employer, paid for "punitive damages," while giving the employer 1099 and generally do not fall under the standard tax withholding tax. Alternatively, some employers give a non-taxable amount of money and issue 1099 for the provincial amount. It is unclear how the Pennsylvania Department of Labor will address these situations. Why would the total withholding amount be compensated for the employee distribution package? If not, and only account for the net amount paid, it could be that the employee who received the pre-tax penalty package could have been fined by the employee who received the higher amount and the Department of Labor. may offset larger amounts.

As seen above, Pennsylvania's & # 39; Additions to Unemployment Compensation Potential Claim & # 39; while this may reduce eligibility for benefits, they raise more questions than the issues they have resolved. It will be interesting to see how the Department of Labor and the courts deal with it.

For readers & # 39; additions to the Pennsylvania Unemployment Compensation Act include section 434 of Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania & # 39; s Unemployment Compensation Act has been amended by a subsection (4) (1) with an amendment: "Benefits shall be paid to each eligible employee who is unemployed this week, deducting compensation from his weekly benefit rate (i), if any, to be paid or payable. is paid for services rendered during those weeks, except for his partial benefit credit and (ii) the vacation pay, if any, that exceeds his partial benefit credit, when he is paid to the company permanently or permanently separated from his job and (iii) the amount attributed to the Week -payment "

43 PS (80) d) (1.1) is added to the law and states: "(i)" Payment of care "An employer means one or more payments to the employer for separation from an employer. , regardless of whether the employer is bound by the law, contract, statute or otherwise, the term does not include payment of pension, retirement, leave, or supplemental unemployment benefits. will be deducted from forty (40%) of the average annual salary as calculated under subsection (s) as of June 30 of the calendar year. The claim starts with the year of training and the year of benefit the employer has paid or has paid in full. iii) Payment is attributed as follows: (A) Payment is attributed to the day of payment; site, weekly or weekly employment & # 39; s sepration. (B) The number of days or weeks to which the taxpayer is entitled is determined by the daily or weekly wage of the claim. (C) The amount payable to each day or week is equal to the claimant's daily or weekly pay. (D) When the termination of payment is made taking into account the number of days, it should be attributed to the regular working week in the calendar of the week. "

Originally published on November 18, 2011 in The Legal Intelligencer.

How to Win Connecticut Pick 4, Win New York 4 and Pennsylvania Big 4 Lotteries

The Connecticut Pick 4, New York Win 4 and PA Big 4 Lotteries have the same number of drawings. Each state's Lottery Pick 4 game offers two drawings a day seven days a week. I decided to compare the day and evening draws and results of the Pick 4 day of these three states from February 1, 2009 to April 30, 2009.

Choose 4 Lottery Wins 10,000 to 10,000 from 0000 to 9999. $ 50 or $ 1. to play with the investment. Playing a live card means that the player expects to enter four (4) digits. The exact order obtained in the states corresponding to the drawn Pick 4, Win 4 or Big 4 numbers.

Choose 4 Lottery is a popular choice for professional lottery players for winning a $ 5,000 direct payment card. To win a straightforward ticket for $ 10,000 and $ 1 is a huge jackpot for winning the State Lottery, Powerball and Mega Millions.

Four 4 numbers with the same number Win 4 is known as "Quad". These numbers – 0000, 1111, 2222, 3333, 4444, 5555, 6666, 7777, 8888 and 9999 – can only be reproduced as a live card investment because they are the only form available. Each of these ten numbers ranges from 10,000 to 1, and the payment of one dollar is $ 5,000.

Most average Americans believe that the only way to be "rich" is to win the Lottery. Despite the astronomical odds of winning, they are investing in these multi-billion dollar prizes when they hope they will be a "Jackpot Winner." Week by week, however, they lose tickets. Expectations to win again include jackpot amounts as they reach new heights of $ 100 -3 billion.

These people are “betting” on putting their money away. Most professional investors will say that in order to succeed, you need to know the options that are against you, have a strategy or system for your game, and use good money management. When you do these things, you can become a winner. Some professional lottery players, including Pick 4, Win 4, and Big 4 players get second income with smart investment strategy and good money management. Others work full time. With the $ 20 investment the winner's pick 4 card pays $ 100,000. The annual salary is nice, which is double the average American worker.
There is another investment option for Win 4 players and it is easy to invest money in a "Cash Card". Cash entries allow the winning number four to come at any time. The submissions are smaller and the payments also occur.

If you choose "Triple" as number 4, such as 1222, then you win if any of the following commands are issued: 1222, 2122, 2212, or 2221. Playing a triple number (three-digit three is the same) reduced your odds to 2500. . 1. Paying Your Cash Cards $ 1 each. It's $ 1200. Or you can get $ .50 for a $ 600 card. This is a great return on your investment. . These numbers are called a 4-way box. An investment of $ 5 will give you an income of $ 6,000.

The following player numbers are known as 6-way box numbers or "double digits". The four numbers are made up of two 2-way numbers, such as 2233. Drawing in any order of two duplicate PA Big 4 games – 2233, 3322, 2332, 3223, 2323, and 3232 – your return will be $ 800 in Cash Tickets. Your win test will result in a $ 7 box investment of $ 1,667 and $ 1 right.

If you win the number 4 boxes of "double blood" or 12-way Mode between 833 and 1, your wealth will increase to $ 400 for every dollar invested. Two of these four numbers are the same two and can come at any time: 1233, 2133, 3312, 3321, 3132, 3231, 1332, 2331, 3132, 3231, 3123 and 3213 euros. the investment gives you an income of $ 2000 with these 12 lucrative numbers.

The latest and greatest segment of Pick 4 is known as the "single". There are four different digits … 1234. There are twenty-four different forms of 1234 to become a winner. An investment of $ 1 will pay you $ 200. Your chances of winning are reduced to 417-1.

The last 4 months (February-March-April 2009) Comparing Pick 4, Win 4, and Big 4 State Lotteries, the table below shows the results of each of these five groups of Pick 4 winning numbers per day.

CT selection 4
Number of draws – 178 = 100%
Squares – 0 = 0%
Triple – 7 = 4%
Dbl-Dbl – 5 =% 3
Double – 77 = 43%
Single – 89 = 50%

NY wins 4th
Number of draws – 178 = 100%
Quads – 1 =% 1/2
Triple – 9 = 5%
Dbl-Dbl – 2 =% 1
Double – 70 = 39%
Single – 96 = 54%

Great PA 4
Number of draws – 178 = 100%
Squares – 0 = 0%
Triple – 7 = 4%
Dbl-Dbl – 3 =% 1
Double – 71 = 40%
Single – 97 = 54%

Note: The percentage fractions, in total, are rounded and may not always be 100 percent the same.

If you want to win, according to the chart above, your potential investment is to stay single and double. These two categories account for 93 to 97 percent of all Pick 4 winning numbers.

The results of Connecticut Pick 4, New York Win 4 and Pennsylvania Big 4 are very similar in their percentages with very little difference. Play smart, start investing by keeping the numbers CT Pick 4, NY Win 4 and PA Big 4 single and double. Find a proven and verifiable Pick 4 strategy and use it to manage money to make Pick 4 Player a success.

Romantic Places in Elopei – Say "I Do" at Caesar's Ultra-Romantic Mountain Pocono!

It is the most romantic destination in the northeastern United States, Mount Poconos and the resort is one of the perfect romantic places! Hidden away in the Pennsylvania mountains, Poconos is a place for romance, from romantic getaways to elaborate weddings to intimate weddings for elopement. There is no place like Poconos in terms of love and romance! This is a great place to tackle and then enjoy your honeymoon!

If you are planning on meeting Poconos, there is one thing you want to consider. The state of Pennsylvania has a three-day waiting period for a marriage license. You and your spouse can file a lawsuit in any Pennsylvania court at least three business days before your wedding date. The license is valid for sixty days and of course can only be used in the state of Pennsylvania.

There are three resorts that make up the Caesars Pocono Resort, and are Cove Haven, Pocono Palace and Paradise Stream.

Pocono Palace: The suites at the Pocono Palace are definitely the most popular, and are great and fun for couples. The Pocono Palace brings together the essence of a country-style club resort with a nine-hole golf course, 32,000-square-foot entertainment and sports center and of course legendary costumes. The resort has added a Roman tower to the state's clothing collection. The seven-foot-tall champagne has a whirlpool and heart-shaped whirlpool, a fireplace bedroom, a king-size bed, a dry sauna, and two perfect baths. The cathedral window provides a panoramic view of the fields. Turning this into a luxury suite! Other suites at Pocono Palace include Cleopatra, Fantasy Apple, Lakeside Chalet and Club Lodge.

The stream of paradise: Located in the heart of the Pocono Mountains, Paradise Stream attracts hot and hip generation Y. resorts. It has a stylish lounge, a modern dance club and contemporary hip décor. The suits are newly designed and blend old and new. You will have the option of a champagne tower suite, with the addition of Diana Oasis and Lakeside Villa among others. Diana's Oasis pays tribute to the Greek goddess Diana. With its sensible design, a new private pool area, a burning fireplace and a king-size bed surrounded by Roman columns. The Lakeside Villa suite offers the privacy of an individual Roman-style villa with a private balcony overlooking Lake Eden. The suite features two 20-square-foot, rooftop showers, a queen-size bed and a famous heart whirlpool.

Cove Haven: Cove Haven is a very intimate resort set on the scenic Lake Wallenpaupack. Cove Haven offers five additional suites that are not offered on the Paradise Stream at Pocono Palace. Cove Fantasy, Cove Harbor, Spa-Side Harbor and Juliette. The Cove Harbor sunbed is a stunningly designed bed and sleeping area. In addition, the usual log fireplace and heart shaped whirlpool. The Cove Fantasy also features a heated private pool, a sunken bedroom and a dry sauna.

AP US History Details – Restoration Colonies

After the end of Cromwell's time in Britain, Charles II, when he regained the throne, gave his side many lands in the new world. The colonies that developed in these plots are known as the Restoration Colonies, which are an important part of US history.

New York
James II, the brother of Charles II, took a group of British ships and took the Dutch out of New York. James moved cautiously and initially & # 39; Duke's s Laws & # 39; he created a law code called. this only applied to the English. New York grew slowly and ruled in an autocratic manner. It was hardly a major trading site today.

New Jersey
It was owned by the New Jersey Colony Quakers and was developed with great success. Generous land grants, limited religious freedoms, and assembly representatives encouraged migration to this colony.

Owned by William Penn of Pennsylvania, he announced the benefits of moving to his colony across Europe. Pennsylvania also became an economic success and expanded rapidly. Penn was quite tolerant and his colony had relatively good relations with the nearby Indian tribes. Ironically, it was this tolerance that led to disputes that led to people not taking charge of Indian rights in Pennsylvania.

Caroline's colony (which had a constitution drafted by John Locke) developed two distinct population centers and eventually split in half. The two resulting colonies, North Carolina and South Carolina, had different economic bases. North Carolina typically grew tobacco for transportation to Virginia and then exported to Europe. South Carolina, on the other hand, grew food crops largely. This food was then sold to feed the slave populations that were expanding in the Caribbean.

Fly fishing trout in PA

Pennsylvania has world-class fly fishing for Class A trout, as well as a trout habitat, as well as regular streams that are stocked in the spring, summer and fall. Outstanding hunting fishing can be found in every region of the state. In a small mountain stream, try to pair apples with trout or land trophy fish from a state-run brook and lake.

What trout can I catch in PA?

Pennsylvania has populations of cold-water trout species in streams, browns, rainbows and steelheads and salmon in Lake Erie and its tributaries.

Do I need a fishing wasp?

To fly trout fish in Pennsylvania, you will need an annual fishing license and a trout seal, from many sporting goods stores that sell fish. A Lake Erie / trout seal will also allow you to fish Steelhead in Lake Erie and its rivers in the spring and fall.

How does the trout arrive?

Pennsylvania has thirteen trout and 4.5 million trout each year. A volunteer job has a healthier trout broth that improves the trout before leaving their creek, because the less stressed they are. If you would like a new type of trout fishing experience, consider volunteering to help supply the creeks in spring.

Where can I fish wild trout?

The PA Fish and Game Commission website has a "Hot Spots" page including trout for most types of fish species. Here's a small sampling of hot spots in the wild trout in southwestern PA.

County of Cambria

  • Bens Creek – Mixed Brown / Brook Trout
  • Conemaugh River Little South Fork – Wild Brook Trout
  • Sandy Run – Wild Brook Trout

Fayette County

  • Buck Run – Wild Brook Trout
  • Rasler Run – Wild Rainbow Trout

Somerset County

  • Beaverdam Run – Wild Rainbow Trout
  • Enos Run – Wild Brook Trout
  • Higgins Run – Wild Brown Trout
  • Laurel Run – Wild Brook Trout

Westmoreland County

  • Camp Run – Wild Brook Trout
  • Furnace Run – Wild Rainbow Trout
  • Laughlintown Run – Wild Rainbow Trout
  • Tubmill Run – Wild Rainbow Trout

These streams are available from your local sports merchandise store DeLorme & # 39; s Pennsylvania Atlas and Gazetteer are located. Pennsylvania has many trout streams not listed here. Visit PA Fish & Game Commission's website for more details and links to maps.

Lemon Laws

Lemon cars, trucks, vans and SUV's they are everywhere. Various statistics that I have seen indicate that 1 out of 100 vehicles out of 1 is 1 spot. Stackable statistics, to say the least. A lemon is, by definition, a defective vehicle. All states have lemon rules, if you buy a lemon. These laws vary from state to state, but they all have common issues.

The first common issue is the vehicle's faulty condition. In other words, something must go wrong in your vehicle. Lemon situations usually define which elements meet the wrong conditions to be classified as lemon. In Pennsylvania, for example, a vehicle must be subject to a defect or non-conformity which significantly impairs the use, value or safety of the vehicle. In my experience, these types of defects are usually faulty brakes, transmissions, engines, suspension, steering and things of that nature. There are also claims for electrical faults, noise and leakage.

The common theme among the State Lemon Laws is the obligation to try the next repairs. According to each Lemon Law, the manufacturer must make a reasonable attempt to repair the defective condition of the vehicle. In Pennsylvania, that number is three. Other states have four or more repair conditions. If the manufacturer or its agent (seller) cannot repair the vehicle after a reasonable attempt, you need a lemon.

The third common issue of lemon law is that you have the right to a lemon. Most states have the right to provide the consumer with a full refund of the purchase price or free replacement vehicle. Some states go even further. Pennsylvania remedies include warranty charges and purchase price, including taxes, title fees, payment, interest and more. By choosing a return election, you will end up receiving all the dollars you put into your vehicle. In addition, most states also plan to recover attorney fees and costs.

The 7 Golden Rules of Milton Hershey by Greg Rothman – Book Review

Title and author: Milton Hershey's Golden 7 Rules By Greg Rothman

Content synopsis:

This little book tells of the failures of Milton Hershey's Hershey Chocolate Company and the founder of Hershey, Pennsylvania. He was born into a poor family and his father failed in everything he tried. He received a fourth grade education. Hershey made numerous attempts in business, especially in the confectionery business, and all failed. He tried to open a candy factory, store, or both in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Denver, Chicago, New Orleans, New York, and then returned to Pennsylvania. He had eluded success for years.

Eventually, he achieved success after finishing with plenty of experimentation and perseverance. Eventually he built the largest candy empire in the world. He named himself a city and founded a school to train poor people. Hershey chocolate became a household name worldwide.

Hershey developed the Seven Golden Rules that he believed were essential to his success. These rules are explained by Rothman and give more names today. They are:

1. Think outside the box

2. Sustainability

3. Hard work

4. Take risks

5. Take care of your staff

6. Give Life

7. Your life is your heritage

These rules are not surprising to those who study the success of people throughout history. Most successful people have the same principles of success as claimed.

Reading / Writing Quality:

It is a very easy book to read. It is small, only 43 pages long, but has a fascinating story about the king of chocolate and the secrets of success found.

Author's Notes:

Greg Rothman is a successful and successful agent in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

Three great ideas you can use:

1. Sustainability: Under Hershey's golden rule, the power of sustainability is underestimated. Hershey went through bankruptcy before finding success in seven different American cities. He tried different types of sweets, different processes and different bowls. Over time he mastered a milk chocolate recipe and, in addition to attracting the masses, was easily manufactured and had a good life. It needed a lot of "failure" before finding that success.

2. Hershey was a strong believer in hard work. He saw that his work could only be accomplished by hard work and observed the same as those around him. But he also liked to work hard. If you like your job it is easier and you are ready to work hard. If you love your job it is rarely difficult and you can spend as much time as you want.

3. Hershey believed in taking risks. Its risks were calculated, and with increasing maturity and experience it was calculated. He didn't take the risk. However, from his life lessons he acknowledged that great rewards are not for those who do not take the risk.

Publication information:

Milton Hershey's Golden 7 Rules By Greg Rothman

Copyright: 2005 Eternal Books.

Overall Rating: Good

Quaint Amish Food for the distinctive palette

The beginnings of the streets

Today, the Amish people make their homes in twenty-two different US states; most of them are Pennsylvania and Ohio. The largest Amish community in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, has a population of about 16,000. The terms "Pennsylvania Dutch" and "Amish" are often used interchangeably, however, there is a subtle difference that Pennsylvania Dutch cannot necessarily be Amish because they do not overlap with the protest of simplicity.

European influence on food

When it comes to food, both people would mainly make German food, which is their common origin. From Germany, especially in the River Valley area, the Amish brought in some recipes, such as dish and terminology, such as "nachtesse" or "night food" or what we now call "dinner". Quietly, as these traditions were embraced by their mothers, many mothers at home go beyond their own family recipes.

American Life And Adaptation

Like any other immigrant who came to America, the Amish people adapted to the environment. In many cases, products such as barley and wheat became quite prevalent in the new territory, thus becoming Amish staples. Over time, as the farms developed, the dairy soon moved in with them. One aspect of Amish life is simplicity, the core value they hold to this day. It can be thought that even after acquiring different sources of food from the Amish people, Deity would also be given an improved diet and a very tough life.

Kurtz Fish Butcher – Elverson, PA

Kurtz Fish Hatchery is a leader in fish farming, and owner Richard A. Kurtz is widely known for his general industry knowledge. In Chester County, southeastern Pennsylvania, Kurtz Fish Hatchery specializes in growing fish in the sports market. This butcher is licensed for the following sport fish: low (striped hybrid, leather), channel fish, chopper, American eel, common gold fish, redfish and red rose, mussels, golden ornament, pumpkin sunfish, mackerel and rainbow trout. It is one of fourteen dealerships that have received permits from the Pennsylvania Fish and Ships Commission to import, transport and sell Triploid Grass Carp in the state. Triploid herb carpe is used for low-cost, herbicide-free, aquatic herbal control in ponds and lakes, imported from Asia, and genetically modified to prevent fish from being slaughtered.

Pennsylvania fishermen grow more than twenty species of sport fish. Pennsylvania two-thirds of the $ 15 million growth fish is used to store sport fish. The province's most widely distributed and popular warm water sport in southeastern Pennsylvania is Largemouth Bass. Hybrid striped hybrids perform well in wells, grow rapidly in ponds, and are known as sport fish.

One reason Kurtz Fish Hatchery is a leader in the fish and pond management industry is its excellence. Well management is becoming increasingly important and requires specialized techniques for the warmer waters of Pennsylvania. Small ponds are best for a limited number of bird species: bass, sun, and fish. The lake fish (Pike, Muskellunge and Walleye) do not perform well in a small pond environment. Most of the warm pond in southeastern Pennsylvania will not be protected by trout because the water temperatures are too warm and oxygen is lacking.

Water wells should be carefully managed in terms of plant density. Too much water in plant beds will keep the Sunfish in high density, reducing Largemouth Bass's efficiency as it controls Bluegill. There is a delicate balance between the two populations. Many decomposing materials left in the water well can cause oxygen.

Growing farm-grown fish gives them plenty of room to move and develop their muscles. Several species grow limited wells with limited artificial foods added to their diet. This is intended to improve survival and vitality after the loss. If not managed properly, one result will be Sunfish and stroped Largemouth Bass. Bass need a good relationship between Sunfish, or over-population will stop the rare Sun. The captured goldfish should never return to ponds because they have the ability to breed and accumulate ponds.

His extensive and accurate knowledge of fisheries and pond management is a reliable and valuable seller for Kurtz Fish Hatchery in southeastern Pennsylvania. For more information or unanswered questions, contact the business directly.

Kurtz Fish Chamber
161 Isabella Way
Elverson, PA 19520
(610) 286-9250