College Students and Pennsylvania Criminal Charges

Whether this is the first year or the last, all students need to know when a seemingly innocent night of fun ends in detention. The criminal charges for misidentification, underage drinking or marijuana may follow students after they receive degrees. Convictions for certain types of crime, such as possession of marijuana, can result in a […]

Pennsylvania same-sex spouses now have better ownership opportunities

On May 20, 2014, the State of Pennsylvania joined New York, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Arkansas, DC and 12 other jurisdictions to provide legal recognition to citizens entering same-sex marriages. Although those jurisdictions have finally thought about who they should marry, they have not solved all the questions about the right to marry. Accountability In […]

Pennsylvania horror snake

By the late 60's my parents still owned a lot, owned more than 350 acres, and ate 75 cows a day. One summer day I came across something I will never forget. In fact, almost 40 years later, this is still a tough event in my mind. This was a lazy August afternoon when I […]

Ear Cutting Laws in the State of Pennsylvania

In January 2009, the Pennsylvania House passed a law that advocates for so-called animal cruelty. This law reacted when Amks and Elmer Zimmerman, a breeder in Berks County, Pennsylvania, killed 80 dogs. At that time it was perfect to kill your dog in Pennsylvania. Instead of addressing this issue, the Chamber pursued the "cruelty lawsuit." […]

Pennsylvania surveillance has been explained

Legal guardianship When a parent has legal custody of a child, it means that he or she is responsible for making decisions about important things in life, such as what educational instruction they receive, their religious preferences, important medical decisions, and attending school. When a couple is together, they usually make these decisions together, but […]

Strange and humorous English sayings of Pennsylvania Dutch

English as a World Language English, an ever-growing variety, pidgins and inflections, is globally established. Today, as a second or foreign language, more speakers speak their first language. There are more than three non-native speakers of native English, and an increasing number of non-native English speakers. "It's never a language that has been spoken to […]