Some of the scariest places in Pennsylvania

Here are the worst places in Pennsylvania Noisy Places in Pennsylvania. This short list is made up of some of the most wonderful places in and around Pennsylvania. All sites that are located between these sites are limited, and if anyone wants to visit or investigate any of the following locations, he or she will […]

Pennsylvania Fishery Breeding

Fish Farm PA is not a destination, a love, a hobby, a lifestyle or a dream. Pennsylvania waters are ideal for growing sport fish like bass and trout. Commercial aquaculture is very large in Pennsylvania; It is the # 4 trout producer in the United States, and the # 1 trout fishery in the state, […]

The Nuts and Pens of Self-Law in Pennsylvania

SELF ACCENT BASIS – Who pays for PENNSYLVANIA? Navigating the insurance world after a car accident can be very confusing. There are many questions about who pays for injuries, medical bills and damage to property. Understanding the nuts and bolts of car accident law can save you time and effort. BODY INJURY RESPONSE A. How […]

Pennsylvania Environmental and Recycling Update

Pennsylvania is a state crossroads, just north of the Mason-Dixon line. Philadelphia, on the east, is a part of the megalopolis on the northeast Atlantic coast that runs from north of DC to Boston. To the west is the Pittsburgh Industrial Belt, which is part of the so-called Industrial West. Between them there is an […]

Pennsylvania State Fair at the Hippodrome

The Philadelphia Park Racecourse in Bensalem runs the annual Pennsylvania State Fair from late May to early June. This state fair is relatively new and has only been 21 since 2006. Every year, visitors to the fair can find many offers and discounts designed to alleviate budget strain. There are travel discount coupons and a […]

Marijuana Property Pennsylvania

Nearly half of US states have enacted laws that legalize medical marijuana. While passing dates, ownership limits, and rates associated with it vary, 23 states and the District of Columbia have approved all legislative measures that allow the medical use of cannabis. In September 2014, the Pennsylvania Senate passed a 43-7 vote against the Senate […]

Salt Cavern CO2 in northern Pennsylvania

Clarion County Pennsylvania is in the concept phase of storing CO2 in underground salt pits. Essentially, carbon dioxide released from coal burning energy is trapped underground and transported to the environment, which contributes to global warming. We have seen examples of other uses for storing the salt cave, for example; natural gas, CAES, but here […]