Affordable Health Insurance Pennsylvania

If you have been unemployed and have lost business insurance group insurance plans, one way to get affordable health insurance in Pennsylvania is to buy a conversion plan. Conversion coverage is the only company that provides group health insurance to your employer and its employees. If you received group health insurance for employees in less […]

A Guide to Pennsylvania Lemon Laws

Pennsylvania This guide to lemon law can help you understand your rights and whether your vehicle manufacturer may be eligible for a full refund or a new car. How to know if you have a lemon: Follow this checklist to see if your vehicle can be classified as a lemon: My vehicle has a defect […]

Roofs and Storms Roof and Roof Damage in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is not a state that is associated with severe weather, PA, also known as Keystone State, receives quite a share of adverse storms each year. When you think of Pennsylvania storms, you would immediately think of snowfall. Of course, PA is located in the mid-Atlantic US and Pennsylvania, especially in the northern and western […]

Traveling Amish Country Pennsylvania

When traveling in the Amish country of Pennsylvania, you are dealing with the enchanting experience of unique tastes, sights and sounds that have long been brought to life in a simpler way, but with a focus on family and solid values. The Amish territory of central and southeastern Pennsylvania covers an entire area from the […]