Bed and breakfast – Roman trip

Wonderful Romania. You have to go there and feel its pulse to see how Greek gods were born. Romania, which lies within the borders of ancient Thrace, is believed to be the birthplace of Dionysus, but its true origins are lost in the clouds of time. In Greek tragedies, he is depicted spreading his rituals in Thebes, but Homer, in a previous document, describes Dionysus as exiting from Thrace and practicing his rituals on the holy Mount Nysa. The Thracians were known as "grape growers" in the Iliad, and today Romania is known as the sixth largest wine producer in the world. Is there a link between legend and reality? There is only one way to find the answer: visiting Romania, tasting wine and enjoying traditional food, customs and celebrations.

According to The Rough Guide, “No trip to Eastern Europe will be complete without a visit to Romania. Wonderful landscapes and tremendous diversity in wildlife.” The Rough Guide also gives you travel alternatives: either via a package deal (and you won't be able to see disturbing facts in the country like poverty, beggars, etc.) or independently. Well, traveling independently is really the best idea, but such a trip shouldn't start without proper research. why? Because Romania is a wild country. No, not the people (although there are some voices warning you about pickpockets, especially in Bucharest and metro stations and train stations, however you will not find them in the wild), but it is about relief and road structure: many roads are narrow or there are no traffic signs. Some are in very poor condition and require maintenance. Some roads are not even designated, especially those that traverse prairies in the mountains or some villages. Besides finding bed and breakfast cottages with offers that are closest to what Roman traditions can call, you will need a local guide and not the directions of a specialized tourist agency. Romania's charm lies in the less visited areas. There you will learn the true meaning of Roman hospitality.

Carpathians' traditional bed and breakfast will not provide you with modern appliances such as televisions and massage showers. The chances of residency are somewhat Spartan, to remind you of the way people used to live in the last century: Enjoy life to the fullest, but the simplest and purest. You'll get a chance to sample the famous homemade roman wines, "tuica", or a peasant drink (brandy made from peaches, apples, or mibel). Some of the finest Romanian wines you can sample bed and breakfast chalets in the Brahova Valley: Clabucet, Cioplea and Trei Brazi. These tourist agencies are highly recommended and visited by Roman and foreign tourists.

Less popular with the public are chalets such as Pensiunea Micsunica in Sinaia, Casa Ardeleana in Predeal or Miraj in Azuga. And if you're going to Brahova Valley, make sure to go and see Babele and maybe spend the night in the unique Cabana Babele. Note: Although Babele can be reached by cable car from Busteni, if you choose to hike there, you will have an unforgettable experience: sudden changes in climbing, special encounters (do not be afraid of dogs … there are some Roman Shepherd dogs Meuret guarding Babel Chalet.


What to look for when searching for bed and breakfast

Let me start by saying that I am designing sites for bed and breakfast providers I have been to many establishments, photographed them from all angles, sampled food, and experienced difficulty finding them if they were off the beaten track and spent time with their companions.

Sometimes I felt like a hotel inspector. Sometimes I press on my lips and did not say anything, sometimes I politely expressed my concern. If you discover something wrong, surely the guests will also bet and will make sure to say it on Trip Advisor or Social Media.

There is an idea in this last sentence if you are looking for Bed and Breakfast providers. Find it on Trip Advisor. What experiences did the previous guests experience?

Were the owners friendly and helpful, or did they act as if they did not want guests in their home?

Was the rooms and facilities clean and tidy? Was the site quiet or were you looking for a major road and building site? Was the breakfast cooked and generous?

The trip advisor will give you all this and more.

Take a look at how owners are responding to negative comments. Remember that disaffected guests and those who have to complain about the tiniest thing are most likely to post. Do their complaints appear correct and how did its owner respond?

I always tell my clients that bed and breakfast customers shop with their eyes. Pictures, photos, images. Guests want to know what form they are coming to. What the rooms look like, what the shower rooms look like, what the look will look like from their window, and how the food will look.

If these pictures are not on the provider's website, or are grainy and losing focus, ask yourself why this might be? If the site has not been updated for years, this may tell you something.

In general, you get what you pay for. A B&B at £ 45 a night for two people will probably not be smart or spacious like the one that costs £ 145 a night. Lower prices do not mean that the rooms are dirty and the facilities are not working.

See to see if the room (s) you are booking has its own facilities or have shared facilities. There appears to be a growing trend in the UK to place a loft bathroom in the bedroom. If you are young and in love, you may be very happy to shower together or to watch your partner. But would you be very careful if you used two room friends as a twin room? Or a parent and child sharing a room?

If you have pets – check that dogs are welcome. If in doubt, contact the owners and ask them.

If you have young children, check that the bed and breakfast is child friendly. You do not want to find that the institution does not accept children and destroy your vacation. Respect those who do not accept children – they may have a bad experience, they may have elderly owners, or they may run a free foundation specifically for children.

Looking forward to see if breakfast is included in the price. Some institutions will provide a "room only" rate. This might be what you want if you only stay one night and have an early start. Or maybe you are one of those people who simply don't eat breakfast.

Make sure you know the size of the bed. For some couples, this is not a problem, but if one or both of you are tall, or slightly on the wide side, you might prefer a larger double bed – king or king size.

Check the facilities provided in the bathroom. Some will have a bathtub with a shower. If you have mobility issues, you may prefer to shower separately. Be sure to read the owner's description and if you are in doubt, phone or email for verification.

If you are a wheelchair user, or have another disability, read the description again carefully, and if in doubt, contact the owner to make sure the institution meets your needs.

Most B & Bs are happy to cater to special dietary needs. Failure to inform the owner of your requirements until you sit at breakfast breaks embarrassment. Most owners will want to meet your needs and will feel upset and embarrassed if they can't – pre-notification ensures that the food you need will be available when you want it.

Check out the B & B's website. You may want peace and quiet in a secluded countryside location. Or, you may want to stay in a place that is more easily accessible than local attractions and does not include a 10-mile walk to reach the valley below to reach it every day. The online mapping service usually provides you with a very accurate location and there may be a "Street View" feature so you can see where you plan to stay.


Bed and breakfasts in North Carolina let you enjoy south

North Carolina is a very historic state from being the first on a trip to that of the major tobacco and cotton growers, as well as it has strategic battlefield locations used during the Civil War. When you visit North Carolina, the charm of the South will envelop you as well as the people who are always amazing to tourists and full of well-known "Southern Hospitality".

The best places to really enjoy watching North Carolina and its history and residents are staying in bed and breakfast. The hotels are informal and simply provide a place to sleep. However, a bed and breakfast in North Carolina is like walking into someone's house where the room has been cleaned and prepared especially for you, a homemade meal cooked from old recipes that makes you remember that eating is also a form of enjoyment, and the hostel really interested in making you Feel at home. Although there are thousands of bed and breakfasts in North Carolina from historic coastal Wilmington to the exceptional Asheville Mountains, you will always feel at home and welcome you with a tale of inn history, fresh baked goods and hostels interested in making you part of the family for a day or two or Your privacy allows you if you wish.

Some of North Carolina's most popular areas other than Wilmington and Asheville include the capital of Raleigh, Chapel Hill, Winston Salem, Fayetteville, Durham, and Charlotte, as well as many other areas. All of these cities have been awarded the Bed and Breakfasts award so it does not matter if you are traveling for business or pleasure, you want to stay at a bed and breakfast in North Carolina instead of a public hotel.

The problem when visiting North Carolina is to choose a bed and breakfast when considering a trip to a specific city. However, this is not a problem because you can connect to the internet and visit the many available bed and breakfasts, then book your reservation in the best way of your budget and personality. Give the bed and breakfast in North Carolina a chance the next time you travel to Tarrill State and you will not choose to stay in a regular hotel again.


5 tips for choosing the best bed and breakfast for you

Tired of the hotel's usual rooms that offer nothing but a rickety kettle, a small TV, a mattress, and dirty dirt through which he knows but could have seen bigger days? Then the time for your vacation time in a dirty bedroom ended with nothing good to eat. Choose a better way today. Why not think of a bed and breakfast to spend your vacation?

Here are some tips to guide you in choosing the best place for your vacation away from home:

1. The site matters

Although you feel you have chosen a great place to spend your vacation, when the view in your room window is a parking lot, it can do nothing but boring mood. They say luxury is not something you can really touch but will be more like a state of mind. Thus, this is why it is better to be more inclusive in choosing where to live. Options are available where you can wake up to beautiful landscapes and spacious landscapes that provide just more sparkle for bed and breakfast adventure.

2. Delicious food

If you are a foodie or someone who is passionate about nutrition, then the bed and breakfast is the best place to stay. However, some may find that a faded breakfast has been served and that is why you are looking for a meal that offers a menu suitable for your preferences. Find a place that can attract you with locally prepared food and serve elegantly. If you're a little bit on the twisted side, move to places that focus on extraordinary and bold meals.

3. Beautiful decor

Your environment has a huge impact on your mood, you must choose a place that refuses from the same old and tired furniture and decor. The goal is to make you feel comfortable in a great place regardless of whether the owner designed the fixtures himself or appointed an interior design expert.

4. Superior service

Make sure to treat you as a respectable guest. Staff should be receptive and helpful all the time.

5. Remember the charm

Really, there is no substitute for air. Whether your favorite bed and breakfast provides all of the above or not, what matters sometimes is if you feel spoiled and leave a feeling of complete calm, you may have a 5-star stay.


How about bed and breakfast to go with this glass from a Texas winery? "

Texas is not just a land known for its great barbecue, wild wild West stories, roaming armadillos, and dusty desert landscapes. Although cowboy style runs deep into the blood of most Texas residents, they also enjoy the most beautiful and finer things in life. Not many people realize that Texas has many vineyards that produce some amazing and unique wines that offer a special taste to the state. Wine tasting and weekend trips are popular, especially in Hill Country – a great view of a steep hill hill with charming little towns. It's always a good idea to have a place to stay, especially after a full day of wine tasting in the hot Texas heat. Looking for a Texas winery bed and breakfast? I covered you.

1. First go visit the winery

There are many amazing wineries in and around the heart of Texas at Hill Country. Each offering a unique spin on the wine. Windy Winery offers boutique wines served in spacious tasting rooms with stunning panoramic views of the surrounding hills. Saddlehorn Winery gives you an opportunity to explore the winemaking process in detail or relax in a modern tasting room out of the hot sun. Texas Star Winery specializes in wines that contain pears, hibiscus and much more. Wherever you choose to go, you will not be disappointed by the flavors and artistry.

2. Offer remote bed and breakfast

This bed and breakfast is housed in an amazing castle like a brick building complete with stunning landscapes and surrounded by two acres of land. Close to downtown Brenham, Texas, the hotel is a perfect place to stay and enjoy the amenities. With a hot tub, pool, covered patios and outdoor cooking, there may be no reason to leave!

3. Wakefield Farms

It is a historic farm that gives you the feeling of a cottage with all the modern luxuries you would expect from an upscale residence. These cottages have been renovated for ultimate comfort and come with access to a cool pool in the summer heat. For a more exotic but comfortable stay – this is the place.

4. Cottages from Winedale

The name even has the word wine in it. Known as the Kolber Kottage, this bed and breakfast is close to Round Top and is known for its numerous festivals and specially antique shows. This feature provides more space for family, friends or even double couples to stay in. It is the perfect blend of comfortable amenities and an authentic rustic feel.

5. The guesthouse in Washington

Ideally located near all cities of Hill Country; this bed and breakfast in Washington, Brenham, Station College and Chapel Hill offers an opportunity to join a traditional farm from 1930 but has been modernized in 3 comfortable bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. It's complete with all the amenities you need to relax and prepare for adventures in any of the surrounding cities.

For the real Texas experience, be sure to plan the best bed and breakfast experience today.


Bed and breakfast versus hotel stays: experiencing the difference

While the comparisons between bed and breakfast and hotels depend largely on who makes the comparison, one thing is for sure: the world is simply full of rich treasures, beautiful spirits and interesting people. This is what great playwright Henry Miller said. And when it comes to the idea of ​​traveling in the first place, Miller's words prevent us from thinking about the reasons why the traveler is thinking of staying at the bed and breakfast on their next trip.

First, let's talk a little bit about hotels. Certainly, everything has its place and the main feature of many (despite the impotence of others) is predictability. This means that some travelers want to standardize hotels – all rooms are the same from one location to another, and very little difference from their home environment. For some – especially business travelers during the night – this type of predictability is perfectly appropriate for the purpose of their visit. Where they remain has little importance in the scheme of things.

However, for many travelers where they reside it is of great importance. For them, it's the world of Miller's rich treasures that they're looking for. Running away from common things is not just a desire, but rather a goal, not sterility of a cookie room in a hotel room. For those who want a unique travel experience, the bed and breakfast experience is perfectly suited. People who stayed at B & B's during the flight are known, which is why the bed and breakfast itself is an important part of the trip.

Why stay at the B&B instead of the hotel?

  1. Each bed and breakfast is a unique stay experience – two of the bed and breakfast rooms are the same.

  2. The hosts of the B&B have an excellent concierge at no additional charge (the hotel concierge service usually costs very little in tip). It is able to direct you to popular attractions and restaurants, as well as local gems located off the beaten track.

  3. Charming decorations, comfortable environments, beautiful linens, and homemade breakfasts. Some B & B will get wine and cheese in the early evening, or have a special tea time during your stay.

  4. A B&B is an experience, part of that rich competition in the world. An atmosphere that keeps your travel spirit alive throughout your stay. A hotel simply cannot have these things.

Again, there are reasons why some travelers choose hotels, and for these reasons they have the location of hotels. However, if the reason for your travel is to escape from the general public, discover beautiful places, beautiful spirits and interesting people – bed and breakfast accommodation is right for you.

Remember, just like choosing hotels, B & B often book several months in advance. It is a good idea to plan ahead by visiting B & B's websites where you travel. Unlike hotels, though, you'll be able to take a good look at the room photos you choose to stay in. Make your selection and book your room. The bed and breakfast experience is an experience that you will need again and again.


3 reasons to drop traditional hotels and choose bed and breakfast in Texas

If you are planning a trip south to the great state of Texas, let's talk about the accommodation for a minute. In the case of such a large volume, there is no shortage of hotels and motels, and of course the popular B & B. Certainly hotels will be completed in a pinch, but these larger chains lack the charm and personality that allow the bed and breakfast in Texas to function as a bridge of the colorful history of Lone Star. Take a look at the following three reasons to choose instead of this attractive form of Southern hospitality.

1. Southern hospitality says it all!

Everyone knows that everything is bigger and better in Texas, and the hospitality factor is no exception to the popular rule. Indeed, the definition of Texas, or Tejas, is "approachable." As the most southern western state, you will feel the strange magic often associated with the region. There is no better way to immerse yourself in a slower friendly culture than staying in housing managed by local residents who know the area. Most bed and breakfast owners in Texas stay in the same house and prepare food. There are also additional benefits you wouldn't generally find in a larger hotel, such as sweet tea, homemade quilts, free Wi-Fi, parking, old houses with beautiful architecture and a whole host of other amenities. The key is to find a smaller city, like Brenham, Cat Spring or Nacogdoches. Or even major cities like Austin, Houston and San Antonio you will get a bed and breakfast that feels like a welcome small town.

2. Contact the past.

Many Texas owners have a strong and proud connection to the history of the area where they settled. Many of these homes that operate as rented dwellings act as a bridge between the past and the present. With homes in Texas dating back to the 1800s, many B & B's keep in carpentry and original furniture. Staying in one of these gems can give you a wonderful insight into how life was in Texas. Washington County, in particular, is known as the birthplace of Texas and cities like Brenham, LaGrange and Washington on Brazzos, which are accommodations that really focus on giving the visitor a window into the past.

3. Stay in the know about local events and festivals.

Almost every small (and large) city in Texas has at least one unique festival and dozens of interesting sights and great restaurants. The key is to be aware of these attractions. This may be difficult for someone who is not from the area. Since most bed and breakfasts in Texas are managed by locals who are integrated into their communities, these residences are great areas from which to collect information. Moreover, the reward refers to the traveler who is reserving a house located near the city's attractions. This can save you some time if you find yourself within walking distance. Some B & B & # 39; s in Texas will also offer discounts on local area attractions. Some people are surprised to learn that Texas has portions of its famous wine, such as the Washington County Wine Corridor. Wine towns are particularly good at offering franchises related to wineries and wine paths. For more information, check with your local Chamber of Commerce or visitor office for recommendations. Some great festivals to consider include the Burton Gin Festival, the Cotton TX, the annual Round Top Antiques, and, of course, the famous Washington-on-the-Brazos Independence Day.


Knowles family history – from Eleuthera to Key West Florida bed and breakfast

The Knowles family branch in Key West migrated from Eleuthera Island in the Bahamas, where they are believed to be involved in agriculture and possibly fishing. Family traditions confirm that Knowles had previously lived in American colonies in the eighteenth century, but remained loyal to Britain during the American Revolution and was forced to move to the Bahamas, where they received grants from the British government to obtain land as compensation for loyalty to the crown, when their lands were confiscated in USA.

As the agricultural economy of the Bahamas declined in the early nineteenth century, many Baha'is sought new opportunities in other parts of the Caribbean. Key West has been an attractive destination due to the lucrative island trade, fishing, sponge and growing cigars industry. This promise to a better lifestyle convinced some members of the Knowles family to leave rock sound on Eleuthera and move to Key West where they knew they could fit comfortably into the well-established community of other transplanted bahmis who lived in Key West at the time. Knowles worked early in fishing, sponge, and the cigar industry. By the late nineteenth century, David Knowles and his family were staying at Knowles House. It appears that David was primarily a sponge hunter and looked at his house across the open waters that extended to the other side of Eton Street. In the late 1880s, shallow waters filled the road, and the current row of Victorian homes was built in the 1890s, depriving the Knowles family of their water view. David and his wife, Rosa, raised their seven children at Knowles House. In 1909 David died leaving his widow alone to raise their young children in the family home.

For many years, Rosa lived here with her younger child, Benjamin Robert Knowles, who was born at home in 1896. This son is known as Robert and works in wholesale trade in the tropical fruit trade. In 1928 he met and married a young Swiss girl, Rosalie Weisser, known as Nancy. She was working as a nanny for the affluent Miami family while they met at the Casa Marina Hotel in Key West. After their marriage, they continued to live in Knowles House, caring for Robert's aging mother, until her death in 1929. Robert and Nancy had three children, Jane, Elizabeth Rose, and Joan, all born at home. During the Great Depression, the tropical fruit trade in Robert failed and the family suffered from difficult times as the economic conditions in Key West deteriorated. When things looked more gloomy, Robert won the equivalent of $ 10,000 in the Cuban National Lottery in 1935.

This economic blessing enabled him to start a restaurant on Caroline Street near the bustling harbor. He also used some of the money to expand the family home, which has seen little change since its construction. The result has transformed Knowles House into its present look and provide much needed space for its children. Although 1935 provided good luck to the Robert family, he brought disaster to the Florida Keys in the form of a tragic May Day hurricane of 1935. Although thousands of people died in the middle and upper keys, Key West was spared the worst storm , Only suffers from heavy rain. Unfortunately, the storm coincided with the renovation of Knowles House at a time when the roof was removed to add the second story. Children remember their mother, Nancy, who is sweeping rain water from the front door because she is falling like water falling on the stairs. Despite this setback, the home remodeling was successfully completed and the family enjoyed several happy years in the old house.

When the children of Robert and Nancy grew older and married, they all left Key West, and settled in other parts of the country. Robert died in 1961. Nancy Knowles lived in the family home alone until her death in 1983. After her mother died, the children sold the home outside the family. After several intruding owners, each of whom made improvements to the property, the current owners, Les Vollmert and Paul Masse purchased it in December of 1996. After further improvements and expansions, they continued to operate it as a Knowles House Bed and Breakfast Inn located in Key West Florida .


Best bed and breakfast in North Vernon, Indiana

Downtown Bed & Breakfast is located in downtown historic Vernon, Indiana to announce its newly renovated rooms and its newly designed website. While staying at the Bed & Breakfast, you can choose from one of our three elegantly decorated guest rooms that were renovated in 2007.

Downtown Bed and Breakfast rooms feature luxurious queen-size, double-size beds, with plush bed linens and all the comforts of home. All rooms have comfortable duvets, luxurious spa gowns, luxurious towels and linens, additional seating area, 24-hour radio, cable TV, wireless internet and more.

While staying at this intimate bed and breakfast, you will enjoy a daily hot breakfast at their White Front Cafe. White Front Cafe features brick exposed walls and pictures of the Iron Past, and serves breakfast, lunch and dinner in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

North Vernon has a lot to do, especially if you enjoy the outdoors. While visiting North Vernon, you can enjoy playing golf at the local 18-hole golf course, visiting Nature Preserve, or spending time at Muscatatuck Park. If you enjoy extreme sports, Muscatatuck Park offers mountain biking, boating and canoeing. In the evening, visit the newly reopened Park Theater Civic Center in North Vernon (Place of Performing Arts). Downtown Bed and Breakfast is centrally located for some of the greatest Indian showrooms. Jennings County Gallery, Jackson County Gallery in Brownstown and Octoberfest in Seymour.

Come relax, rejuvenate at North Vernon Downtown Bed and Breakfast, and be sure to dine in your White Front Cafe, and you'll be happy.


The best Blackpool experience is the Blackpool Bed and Breakfast

Since the opening of a private road in 1751, tourists have flocked to Blackpool to put them 7 miles from sandy beaches, bathing in the sea – believed to be improving welfare.

Since then, some improvements have been made, from the famous Blackpool Tower, Stanley Park, Blackpool Pleasure Beach, some great restaurants and much more.

Around these tourist attractions a bed and breakfast culture and guest houses have grown, all with unique quirks and seduction practices to attract your attention. We believe that the only way to properly enjoy Blackpool is to embrace a traditional bed and breakfast, and the 21st century is the best time to do so. With the appearance of the trip advisor and other review sites, you can check all photos and comments from previous guests, and determine what is right for you. Whether you're looking for a place to crush after a stag or a chicken, a five-star spa for a real treat, or a family-friendly guesthouse with things to keep kids entertained, you'll find what you're looking for in Blackpool.

Many Blackpool guesthouses will also provide a licensed bar in the evening, and relaxing with a drink can be a great way to discover from the owners the best places to eat in town, a great little gift shop you have never heard of otherwise, or even buy discount tickets For an evening show. The owner of the appropriate bed and breakfast must be proud of the home, and be proud of the area in which they live. There is so much to see and do in Blackpool that one trip is not enough, but the bed and breakfast owner must be able to drive you in the right direction, and help you make the most of your stay.

Another great feature of the Blackpool B&B is the décor, with many buildings dating back to the 19th century, and old features abundant around the buildings. Much magic and personality comes from the buildings, and the way realtors highlight these features can have a huge impact on the extent of your home, modern, spacious or comfortable in your home for a few days.

No matter what you decide, the real bed with breakfast is all about breakfast, so forget to follow a diet for a few days, hide metrics and enter the appropriate full English. Whether they serve black pudding, mushrooms, hazelnuts, or if you dictate breakfast, full English is one of the traditions that must be taken to make a real Blackpool visit.