When PA DUI is convicted

If you have been convicted of PA DUI, it is imperative to suspend your compulsory license. This means that the best way to prevent a suspension is to avoid a DUI conviction. And the best way to avoid a DUI conviction after arrest is to hire an experienced DUI lawyer to deal with your charges. […]

Great Lakes Region

The Great Lakes region covers much of Ontario, Canada. It also includes eight US states. These US states are bordered by the Great Lakes and are New York, Ohio, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota and Michigan. The entire portion of Canada's coastal lake is located in Ontario. The following geographical definition of the Great Lakes […]

East Coast Accounting Schools

While in high school you should start looking for good accounting degrees. Even if you have a mediocre GPA, you can still access good accounting schools. If you live in the east of the country, then you have many options for a good accounting school. The east coast of America runs directly from Maine to […]

Dead on Ann Kelly Book Review

Dead On is an exciting novel that blends the creepy, scary, mystery, and paranormal, to provide a quick and provocative read. Ann Yang was hoping to get away from the craziness of her divorce and started in the quiet suburb of Doylestown, Pennsylvania. She started working as a medical examiner, renovating her home, putting her […]

Real estate is still growing in central PA

As the rest of the US market declines, real estate continues to rise in central Pennsylvania. Where is this more than just Harrisburg, the state capital located between Pittsburgh and Philadelphia? Just in case, Triple Crown Corporation, a Harrisburg PA home builder, is in the midst of a big expansion and even thinks of moving […]

It is regulated on the Internet

It is currently regulated by the Internet or the World Wide Web. But, are you led to walk, are you led to believe that? World governments are creating your new legislation benefit or there are more of these laws beneficial to governments and big business? First of all we had Can-Spam and we regulate the […]