Really smart way to find the best accommodations anywhere

Historically, as a business traveler, vacationer or tourist, you have had a limited number of ways to determine your accommodation and arrangement.

First, you can book through chain of favorite or most popular hotels or hotels. Depending on your needs and budget, in general, the largest of these (and still will be) will have at least one property at the location you choose, and provide a consistent benchmark around the world or across the country.

Another option is to contact a travel agent to arrange your trip and stay with it. Usually the agent either sells the holiday maker a "vacation package" or for the business traveler a "shelf rate" from the global distribution system (GDS) (global distribution systems like Saber or Galileo) a little more explanation of what is happening behind the scenes of these two methods: the package holiday was It is simply a "group discount" for air travel known as FIT (Absolutely All Inclusive Tour) where the traveler can purchase a certain amount of approved stay, often every night of their flight duration to get a reduced fare. This housing is wrapped by travel wholesalers who have negotiated with individual hotels or chains that offer them the minimum number of rooms / nights for a large discount. The downside of these parcels was usually the lack of flexibility and that the reserved rooms were mostly a house, which meant that the hotel could place these travelers at discounted rates in whatever room was available to them per night / night. On the contrary, the reservation of the rack price made via GDS, although the high cost (partly due to the high cost of the hotel participating in the GDS, as well as the agent's commission) was usually more flexible and the customer would get some room.

Nowadays, of course there is the Internet! The entire world of residence is at your fingertips, so it's easy to find what you need. But is it? Unlike a phone book like directory agents years ago, the Internet does not contain content or an index, and my Google agenda is not your own. For example, searching for "accommodation (in a city)" may not result in a single real hotel property until Page 2, 3, or later. Of course there are many different excellent sites that offer an impressive array of hotels in the most popular sites around the world, so it should be – solve the problem, however, many of these sites' offerings are restricted in several ways and can be arranged in line with the site’s revenue from the property Singles more than suits you. How do you know which one gives you the best deal? So here's what I suggest:

Take a multi-pronged approach to this with the goal of obtaining the right property, at the right location, at the best available rate.

Let's imagine that you are going in a new place, and you have not gone before. Accompany my city of Busselton in the beautiful wine region of Margaret River in southwestern Australia, for example. where do I start?

First, go to the site that contains (almost) all accommodations – grouped hotels (no, I don't work with them or have posts or any other interest) in the light blue search box, enter your destination, arrival, and departure dates (note that this It is the date after last night), the number of guests, and click Search. The first result (for example) will show 25 hotels ordered "Recommended". You can adjust this across the top line by: Stars; distance; price or guest rating, or bottom of the page in more depth by star rating, price, places, hotel name (if you know that), property type and / or features. Note that you can only change one field at a time. This powerful tool enables you to narrow down the properties you are looking for through any or all of these variables. Once you've chosen one, click "Book now" and you will see a new box displaying a number of reservation sites and their price for the property mentioned on the dates you want. When you click GO, you will actually be taken to the reservation site, since Hotels Combined is not a reservation site, but just an excellent guide. But stop! Before you actually book, there are a few checks and due diligence that you may choose to do.

Firstly Hotels Combined does not cover all properties nor all reservation sites for example Triple A or Wotif, and one of the downsides of many of these large international booking sites, although their cost at the property is much lower than the first two reservations the methods you have identified, may still be You receive an operating room, or face very restricted conditions. You may also want to independently verify the experience of other travelers in the property. And therefore:

Take a look at Tripadvisor (searching by real estate name is the fastest way, but you can also search by location, etc.) to see how the property is rated by its former guests, and if you really want to descend on stout, read ownership responses to reviews, if She was interested in doing it, and you could even join as a contributor, for free, and send a request to one or more of the reviewers to ask specific questions about their experience or about ownership.

After doing this, if you are still satisfied with your choice, or have done a new job, in this case, repeat the process with Hotels Combined to find the best offer on offer, there is one final step I recommend: search for the property on our website. Many accommodations make a wise decision, given that all reservation sites and the external sources of other reservations like visitor centers, car clubs, etc., charge different levels of commission ranging from approximately 10-18% to ensure an equal or lower price. Always submit on her website.

Finally, it's nearly if you plan to stay longer than two or three nights, especially if its low or midweek season is in a vacation area, or Fri – Sun nights in the city, and / or if more than you need one room Just try making a phone call to the property, especially if it's a smaller owner managed by a landlord, as you will often talk to the landlord who might be willing to negotiate pricing, and he will definitely be well aware of that and the surrounding area.

Although I hope this method is beneficial to you and of course leads you to our private hotels if you plan to stay in this area, I am also very satisfied that it may not be so, because I am convinced that our happiest guests are those who made a conscious and informed choice to stay here.

Happy traveling!