Haunted Lighthouses of America – Michigan – Part One

One might think that coastal states would be home to most of America's beacons, but Michigan gets approval for most of the beacons, eleven of which are said to be haunted.

The ghost that is good for business
Big Bay Point Light Station

The ghosts of lighthouse keepers, their husbands, and their families are referred to as frightening people, but this bouncer was actually good for work!

Keeper William Harry Pryor believes that he is a persistent workaholic, and could not keep his aides until he finally hired his son, Edward, who offered many of his attributes. Apparently, while carrying out his duties, Edward fell, injuring his leg, but he continued to work despite his injury and not recovering. When the spring finally arrived, his father pulled him to the hospital in Marquette, but it was too late, Edward succumbed to gangrene poisoning.

The unbearable father disappeared in the woods with only a gun and some strychnine. After about a year and a half, a fisherman saw what appeared to be a skull hanging from a tree and called the police. Some red hair stuck to the badly decomposed body, but Prior's wife, Mary, identified the coat and two grooming devices in the pocket as belonging to her husband. Speculation abounds about whether Pryor hung himself or was killed.

Big Bay Point is now the famous Bed & Breakfast Inn. A former guard reported hearing voices coming from the kitchen, but saw no soul. In order to calm the spirit that I thought belonged to Pryor, she mentioned that his name reassured him that everything was "under control" during the many renovations and updates at the hotel.

A Inn Inn guest reported seeing a reflection of Prior's wife combing her hair, but when she turned around, she found no one there. Other guests reported seeing a man in a beacon costume circling the lighthouse and walking on the ground, while others reported seeing a man with red hair walking along the edge of the cliff.

These appearances of Pryors' business did not hurt the bed and breakfast, as they are booked tight throughout the summer.

Three boys and a ghost
Crisp Light Point – Michigan

There are many songs and stories about shipwrecks on Lake Superior where Crisp Point Light sits.
One story tells of three young men who took their guns and spent the night at a deserted, fragile point, if they wanted to prove their mastery of shooting.

During the night, they woke up to what seemed to be a heavy streak coming upstairs and stopping to land. They immediately went out with their guns and rained a firestorm of bullets, but they did not see and nobody heard. While they were guarding their rifles on standby, two fell asleep, but the third, very afraid, kept waking up. Shortly before dawn, he heard a voice and woke his friends, all of whom heard someone competing for the stairs. It appears that the ghost spent the night landing while the only boy kept the vigil.

Could this be the ghost of Christopher Crisp, a former guard who saved many lives, or could it be the ghost of a sailor man who perished in a famous hurricane on Lake Superior?