West Virginia, a great place to hang your hat and visit too

The United States is a truly wonderful country, with all kinds of people, and the diversity of people, culture and landscapes is fantastic in every way, how fortunate we are all. Not so long ago, someone from West Virginia called me, and I couldn't help but let that famous song pass through my head: "Take me home, country roads" by John Denver.

The mountains in West Virginia are amazing, I have visited every city in the country, and I can't tell you how many times I closed the West Virginia highway to take a long scenic route, often got more than I negotiated, but I absolutely love adventures. I often wanted to stay longer. I crossed the roads in the middle of nowhere, and I don't know where they went, but I yearn to take a chance, turn around, and go exploring – it looks like the road is calling me.

Well, I guess if you're on a Honda Goldwing instead of a motor coach, I might have one. One day, I'd like to do it (spring or summer of course), just take one of those ways, just to find out where to go, such a curiosity that you share if you're in the same situation there. Perhaps, you take this opportunity, and with fate you dance. Yes, this ancient country road, and true John Denver, actually captured the core. You see, if you've seen what you've seen, you agree too.

Yes, this old road, where he walks on the ground, knows someone, someone in West Virginia, life was simple, and the resources are plentiful. I take each of these ways, spend a year, and see everything. "Take me home, the country road" – well, for me, I'd like to do it in more states than West Virginia only, I've lived the same feel in Montana, Wyoming, New Mexico, California, Nevada, Idaho, Colorado, Arizona, and in the states New England too. It's amazing, what a beautiful country we live in.

Still, West Virginia is so beautiful, so mysterious, so cute, so interesting, it's simply amazing. Yes, sometimes the weather is leaving, but when it's a clear day, there's a lot to see, it's so beautiful. Many people in the city don't get a chance to see it, but they should. They really must. Perhaps, you will consider visiting W. Virginia, to meet some people, and I am sure you will understand, too.