Expect grape things in the Fair Play California Wine Country

If by chance you are looking for a romantic place in Fair Play, California to spend the time you deserve for a long time, then this is the place! The rustic décor is Wine Country and Sierra Mountain, giving guests a true feel of Gold Country. Fully furnished and equipped with all the amenities of a first class stay, your winery trip, vacation or vacation in the cottage will definitely leave you with a pleasant surprise.

"The rest of your days depend on the rest of your nights," and relaxing in the Gold Country Charm after tasting wine makes the whole day. The country house has an outdoor hot tub to relax after a long day on the road. The free, self-catering breakfast is comfortable and spacious while preparing for a day of wine and fun. Guests can make use of the wifi to stay in touch with the outside world, and the new 42 inch flat screen is perfect for watching your favorite movies. The spacious log cabin floors provide a feel of the old country through a living space of approximately 900 square feet, and give you ample space to spread during your stay. The domed ceiling living room has a Tuscan country theme and a dining area with antique ice cream lounge seats, ideal for eating Food for special occasions, and the fully equipped kitchen provides all the necessary tools to prepare and serve specially planned meals, and feel free to use any of the specialized cooking oils, spices and fresh garlic for all visiting artists. The master bedroom is decorated Equipped with a tasteful King Iron 4 bed, it features a luxurious carpet wall on the wall and plenty of space and wardrobe for the needs of any traveler. It includes satellite TV, music channels and a high-fidelity stereo system to hear your listening.

The rental property is characterized by dense vegetation and is spread by granite rock plants, huge walnut and rice trees, as well as ancient stone walls that provide magic and ambiance for the floors. Quiet and private, you can enjoy the outdoor barbecue in your backyard, or just relax under the trees and enjoy a glass of wine and enjoy a good book. Also on the property are 2 quarter horses / beautiful paint, so don't forget your carrots!

Located in Sierra Foothills of California, Fair Play is a contiguous region of granite sandy soil in "Mountain Heights" in El El Dorado County, as defined by the US Department of Agriculture. Characteristics of wines from grapes grown in the fair play area. Terrain generally consists of hillsides and rounded hill covers. At an altitude of between 2000 and 3000 feet, the topographic location of all vineyards in relation to the immediate surrounding environment is of the utmost importance to reduce the negative effects of frosts in late spring. Most vineyards are located on hilltops or hills, allowing cold air to drain into the lower ground.

The height of the fair play area plays a role in the amount of rain, with temperatures ranging from approximately 35 to 40 inches in the average year. Precipitation increases as the height increases, approximately 3 to 4 inches per 1,000 feet in height. However, the length of the growing season follows the inverse pattern; as the height rises, the growing season decreases. The Fair Play has an average growth season of 230 to 250 days, with areas in the west and southwest appearing more than 250 days, and Fair Play arose as a gold mining camp in the Sierra Foothills during the gold rush in California. The first settlers registered in the Fair Play, where it was originally spelled, were N. Sisson and Charles Staples in 1853. Fair Play was a small prosperous mining city with many shops and hotels.

According to local traditions, the name arose from an incident in which the "fair play" call prevented a fight between two miners. Although Fair Play was initially only a mining camp, the city later became a commercial center and post office for hydraulic and mining mines in the area. The items were shipped to Fair Play and Slug Gulch to the east via steep mountain roads.

In the 1880s, agriculture was the main economic activity, although the stamp mill was still in operation. The California gold rush came to an end when the state legislature restricted hydraulic mining, leaving only a few fixed rock mines. Most mining camps such as Fair Play have dwindled and all have disappeared, with the exception of the store and the occasional school serving the remaining farmers and farm owners after the miners swept away. Only two commercial firms (groceries and appliances), the former school (now home), and the old cemetery remain.

The awakening of fair play as a wine-growing region did not really happen until a pilot vineyard was planted on the Bin Sim farm in a diamond farm in 1967. By studying experimental vineyards, this was identified, among other things, but most famously, Cabernet is expected to produce both Saignignon , Petite Sirah, Zinfandel, Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay are excellent types of dry wines in the Fair Play area.

Currently, the total area of ​​wine grapes is about 350 acres, of which about 250 acres are currently in production.

So no need to go to Napa, Fair Play offers Northern California visitors an affordable and affordable alternative. The Fair Play mills compete in the California State Fair and have brought back the famous Golden Bear award for excellence in winemaking, so don't miss out, free gastronomy is generally free and wine club prices cannot be matched at all wineries. Expect the grapes things from your visit!