What is a hostel?

An inn is an old term for a place where travelers search for overnight accommodations. It goes back somewhat in time as the inn was first created in thousands of years as the Romans built their road system. They thought that people using these roads would also need somewhere to stay along the road on long trips and hostels as we know he was born.

At that time, the inn was a place where you could rest, and also a place where you could get food. They had stables in the back in order to keep your horses and instead of there being a lobby as we see it in hotels these days, at that time, you would have to knock on the door and the owner of the establishment, the guest would answer the door and see if it was appropriate to enter.

As we became more industrialized, more lodges began to appear, but they closely followed the methods of transmitting time. That is, if guests travel by stagecoach, the lodges will be on the main roads that stagecoaches go on their roads. When the trains become the norm, they only stop at specific places along the way, and this is where you will find the hostel. People will get off the train and need a place close to the station to stay.

Today, with everyone owning a car or two cars, and the highways that the road takes, what do you see most often on the highways? It is true, it is full of hotels of every description. The same philosophy is correct as was the case in all those past years, the inns, hotels, motels and even bed and breakfast establishments should be where the travelers will be.

Nowadays of course, the word inn is sometimes just part of the name of the hotel company, and sometimes it doesn't use the word at all, but instead it is known as hotels or hotels depending on the level of service you provide. The stables are gone and instead we see the parking lots of our horses. While it may have changed a little, the main idea has remained the same for centuries.

Some rural pubs in Europe are still called lodges as they have always been. They are just a place to have a drink with friends instead of staying, but history is still the same.