ProTerra launches a new range of hotel amenities

For years, ProTerra has been a leader in hotel services and hotel supplies. Their motto "Good for You, Good for Earth" represents their commitment to the quality of "green" products. Recently they introduced a new range of amenities with honey and vanilla. This line replaces the former Juniper, Almond and Citrus line.

Like its predecessor, the honey and vanilla line uses biodegradable products made from natural and organic ingredients in packages designed for all guests. There are no artificial colorants, no parabens, no phthalates, and no mineral oil in any of the products. The sweet earthy color packaging is designed with recycled materials and is an ideal complement to any d├ęcor. None of these products are tested on animals.

The line uses fertile plant formulations to evoke the earth, water and sun. Bed and Breakfast, Inns and Hotels can offer their guests this eco-friendly approach to high-performance skin and hair care.

Shampoo for honey, honey, vanilla, hair conditioner, shower wash, gel and soaps smells of organic vanilla, honey and nourishing plants. 1.0oz bottles are long, thin and elegant and there are a variety of options in soap size and packaging. Perfect for all-night guests, the Honey and Vanilla Face and Body Bar flo-wrap.8oz is a 1.25oz Face and Body Bar paper and a great place to spend the weekend. Long stay. Additionally, for added luxury, the ProTerra creates the Glycerin Bar, a cello twist, which can be placed at a height of 1.25 ounces in the bathroom, or a luxurious addition to the hotel facilities provided.

Of course, ProTerra provides a full range of auxiliary elements to complete the collection, including a shower cap, repair kit, vanity set, and shoe dead.