Hotel facilities – Foucs on Esthetique

If you are looking for a beautiful and exclusive range of hotel amenities that elegantly evoke the luxury of private and privileged life, then look no further. Experience the sensual line of hotel amenities, Esthetique and enjoy!

The Esthetique Line contains a shampoo rich in vitamins that cleanses and perfectly cleanses hair and scalp, making it fresh and healthy. There is also a rich moisturizing conditioner that cleans and moisturizes hair and scalp. The body lotion provides smoother and smoother skin, while the luxurious foaming bath cleaner contains natural detergents and leaves the skin feeling fresh and clean. All of these special liquids are available in a white and black 1.0oz bottle.

In the Esthetique line there are also a variety of body and face bars to choose from. There is a 9-ounce face glycerin bar and a 1.8-ounce wrapped body soap. Glycerin soap is a mild, mild strip ideal for all skin types and provides gentle cleansing while leaving the body with a mild, fresh scent. The larger body tape also has a mild and refreshing smell and leaves the body clean and purified.

In addition to these hotel facilities, Esthetique offers a variety of auxiliary products to complement the look of the guest bathroom. Vanity set, sewing kit and mouthwash are all available for purchase.

By providing a host of luxurious amenities and luxury in your own guest room, your guests will feel the joy and delight of staying in a hotel or bed and breakfast. In an economic climate where all hotels and B & Bs are looking to distinguish themselves from each other, providing a comfortable, high-quality product for your guest is a relatively inexpensive way to "dazzle them" and make sure they return to you. Esthetique is the perfect line to try in your hotel or bed and breakfast.