How can bed and breakfast owners reduce their losses

Unfortunately for hotel owners and bed and breakfast owners, kleptomania is alive and kicking. According to a recent survey by a national newspaper, lighting fixtures, televisions, and even a stuffed wild boar's head were among the items that guests stole this year. Surprisingly, nearly forty per cent of guests admitted to having embezzled while staying in a hotel, guesthouse or bed and breakfast. A similar exercise by an independent hotel guide found that hair dryers, bathrobes, and expensive toiletries were the things that would likely disappear. Two out of three women and 59 percent of men surveyed admitted that they withdrew with materials ranging from Bibles to bedspreads. A Leicester bed and breakfast has reported a guest discovery leaving the front door with a TV. Although surprisingly, the man left the bed and breakfast establishment undisputed, he was subsequently arrested for theft.

How can hotels and B & Bs reduce their losses? Nobody obviously wants to accuse guests of theft, but what can be done without stripping them of looking for every guest upon departure? They can follow the example of a semi-funny approach taken by a hotel owner, which takes the form of a notice displayed in each bedroom: "We hope all the little touches that we added around the hotel will be appreciated. Unfortunately, not everyone is leaving things among the favorite things that guests enjoy. , Scallop-shaped soap dishes, handcrafted toilet roll holder, Laura Ashley sewing kits, tissue rings, hair dryers, lamps, telephones, and hot water bottles. " There was also a satirical footnote regarding the little bar: "We learned that you needed a razor to cut the seal around a small bottle of vodka. You can then drink its contents and fill it with water. For whiskey and rum it's a bit more difficult, but if you order tea early in the morning , You can fill bottles with tea, and it happened at this hotel. ”The effectiveness of this hotel’s innovative idea has not been recorded, but we hope you have reached some conscience!

Another hotel owner once used a more direct tactic. One day he was depositing an inmate when the lady opened her handbag and inadvertently revealed three of the ashtrays at the hotel. "I think one of them is acceptable, but the three are a little greedy," said the owner, and recovered two of them. The lady, who was not ashamed at all, protested that she had always helped herself in memorial ashtrays. "Yes, ma'am," the owner of the hotel replied, "But I doubt if they are all from Royal Worcester."

It doesn't matter whether this boutique hotel is in the Devon countryside, a luxurious establishment in central London or a bed and breakfast in Leicester, where all owners suffer theft from guests with a light finger. Ultimately, losses and damages are costs of doing business and are calculated in room rates. However, although losing a towel or two may not break the bank, all of these small losses can accumulate, especially if you, like many guest houses that offer bed and breakfast, are on a limited budget.