When PA DUI is convicted

If you have been convicted of PA DUI, it is imperative to suspend your compulsory license. This means that the best way to prevent a suspension is to avoid a DUI conviction. And the best way to avoid a DUI conviction after arrest is to hire an experienced DUI lawyer to deal with your charges.

General Rule for Pennsylvania DUI Cases The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation suspends driving when a DUI conviction is notified. There are two types of infringement that do not result in compulsory license suspension:

• The first penalty for driving influence. General accident, accident or refusal.
• The first conviction for driving between 0.08% and 0.10% of the individual's BAC.

All other offenses are suspended.

The length of the PA DUI conviction license suspension will depend on two factors: the number of prior offenses within ten years and the time of individual BAC testing.

Due to Driving Under Impact – Violation of General Impairment (No Accident and Refusal), License Suspension will be as follows:

• First offense: No interruption
• Second offense: Suspension of 12-month license
• Third or subsequent offenses: 12 months license suspension.

You should note that a conviction in an accident or negligence related to a PA DUI can result in a 12-month license suspension for a first offense, and an 18-month suspension for a second and subsequent offense.

PA DUI – High-Speed ​​Alcohol Offense, a person faces a license suspension:

• First offense: 12 months
• Second offense: 12 months
• Third or subsequent offense: 18 months

To get a PA DUI – Highest Alcoholemia Rate, Suspension will be:

• First offense: 12 months
• Second offense: 18 months
• Third or subsequent offense: 18 months

There are a number of programs that have a DUI offense, such as joining the Revitalization Bar Rehabilitation Program, which can significantly reduce the length of the driver's suspension. Suspension due to ARD entry will be between 0 and 60 days. Also, some DUI offenders are entitled to a limited professional license or work license.

Additionally, you should be aware that there are very strict penalties for driving under the PA DUI license suspension. These offenses carry a prison term of between 60 and 90 days. Compulsory minimum fines are also included.

If you need your license and have a DUI arrest, you can pause with a PA experienced DUI lawyer to see what can be done about the suspension. A DUI lawyer gives you the best chance of avoiding the harsh consequences of a suspension resulting from a PA DUI conviction.