Dead on Ann Kelly Book Review

Dead On is an exciting novel that blends the creepy, scary, mystery, and paranormal, to provide a quick and provocative read.

Ann Yang was hoping to get away from the craziness of her divorce and started in the quiet suburb of Doylestown, Pennsylvania. She started working as a medical examiner, renovating her home, putting her past into the past … However, that idea is few, as the compassionate killer begins to sink into her cunning craft. s backyard. When the body is found, of course, the killer & # 39; it is a single union sign placed under the tongue, cursed by the police, Ann is found a madman. Accustomed to high-profile crimes with her colleagues and mistaken for the killings, Ann calls her close friend and retired FBI profile, Tony Cole. Together they follow the clues from Pennsylvania to New Orleans, finding themselves wrapped up in an impossible-to-answer puzzle.

Adding another dimension to this multi-layered story is Ann & # 39; the discovery of an old newspaper that immediately catches his attention and captivates his unusual perceptive abilities. Over a hundred years on the pages of time, the intimate details of the disappearance of an unresolved young girl are explained. Could you relate to that? Could the visions of being a murderer in the past in life affect reality or possibly shape it? This psychopath is clearly the only thing Ann has in her sights, and has unwittingly become a pawn for the big cat and mouse game.

Highly drawn characters, however, are as fluid as the ink on this author phenomenon. The expert use of the interview enlivens the characters and provides a disturbing reading experience. Despite its quick reading, Kelly doesn't give a damn in terms of complexity, depth and suspense. The palpable tension builds as the story speeds, almost in a shameful way, toward a surprising but poignant conclusion.

Ann Kelly The novelist's debut novel is well researched, portrayed with intelligence and passion. The passionate clue embedded inside keeps the reader involved and guessing, without fear. The mystery within the mystery allows Kelly to develop multiple angles at once, weaving an intricate network of slaughter and contagion, a regression on past life and excellent detection.

Readers, if you are looking for an entertaining novel lost in a few hours Dead On it's a good choice.

Glad to read!