It is regulated on the Internet

It is currently regulated by the Internet or the World Wide Web.

But, are you led to walk, are you led to believe that?
World governments are creating your new legislation
benefit or there are more of these laws
beneficial to governments and big business?

First of all we had Can-Spam and we regulate the sending of unsolicited other laws
commercial email containing false or misleading information on the subject,
or this is sent from invalid email addresses, but my inbox
It always seems to be full of junk mail. How many people
really fine or imprisoned.

The same can be said about downloading music files from the Internet
avoiding the copying rights and fees of musicians in the music industry. there is not
it seems that there have been more people caught than sites that are illegally caught
as long as the music downloads.

Search engines have the ability to track what they do
performs a search and is registered in a search engine service.
Even if you use AOL search engine and you use AOL email
account, tracking cookies can be tracked by your surfing online
and such information for commercial gain and
incorporating law enforcement agencies into the theory.

There were two separate lawsuits filed in Pennsylvania last week
Florida travel promoter and its telemarketer without prior notice
warnings and illegal contact with nearly 200 Pennsylvania consumers
he officially did not register in the state "without calling." Complaints
They came from consumers across 13 counties in Pennsylvania.

When telemarketers asked individuals who have registered their name and phone number on the "Do Not Call" list:

1. They did not see any consumer names in the "no calls" list.

2. They were following the package sent by email
the consumer, in fact, has not sent a package to the consumer.

3. They will have to mark the consumer by mistake, sorry.

The "No Call" list should be checked by telemarketers and in theory
If the name or phone number of a registered person appears
The list of computers that the telemarketer had to call, should be so
it's pretty easy to skip to the next person.

You can learn more and register your cellphone or home phone
number with "Do not call" registration within 5 years.
There is no registration fee.

As of January 1, 2005, television is required by the seller and the seller
search the record for at least 31 days and search for it shortly thereafter
they list the phone numbers of registered consumers. Telemarketers pay a fee
get a list of places, states or broadcaster Don't Call List.

A list of up to five area codes is free. The annual fee is forty
a maximum of five dollars per listing area code (after five)
eleven thousand dollars a year for the entire US database.

To place a telemarketer on a person on the call list
same as sending unsolicited email. Both are illegal.

Registering and purchasing your call list is much cheaper
and it is safer than doing so.

If you plan to do it all by phone in your local code
to promote your amazing new widget. Until you do
you have registered as a telecommunicator and got the list
not to call the people who make your call.

If you have purchased the Leads you need to enter legally
time and date stamp, IP address and compliance
Government email laws and acts, you are able to phone
Of them. But introduce yourself, your business and your product
or the service could be clearly and honestly or the birds could fall
There are also numerous Consumer Projects.

Since 911 the incidence of terrorism, your privacy
Internet, telephone and other forms of communication are in progress
monitor or at least FBI and other law enforcement
agencies can legally touch your phone and detect your email.

Part of the legislation being debated in the Senate
and the House of Representatives is a good "Patriot Act."
Part of this law is to be renewed later this year.

Upgrades include computer parts
hackers, sharing information obtained via Wire Taping over the Internet
Service providers delivering customer information and records
in case of possible emergencies, and to be heard by the police
communications as necessary and if required by court orders
this is a supposed terrorist case.

The Patriot Act was created to give a great name opportunity
authorities have more power in times of terrorism, but it is moving forward
more than that!

I think this act is necessary
But the threat to National Security is where this leaves off

We have all the rights of consumers, citizens and business owners,
it is a pity that there are small numbers of hobbies and fools
that spoils us above us.

Have a safe and secure week