How to win a DUI case

If you have been arrested for driving under the influence of Erie, PA, there is a lot to know about your defense. You may think that little can be done on your behalf, but if you win a DUI case in Erie, PA, the situation does not have to be harsh.

You need to know how to win a DUI case by choosing a law firm. It is critical to work with a law firm with extensive DUI defense experience. To defend yourself well, you need lawyers who understand Pennsylvania's DUI laws and defense strategies.

Your local law firm will talk about the Pennsylvania DUI law and the charges brought against you. The following elements can be used in your defense:

• You cannot stop because of an alleged DUI. Instead, the police office needs to see a traffic violation. If you suspect officers may be intoxicated, they may ask the officer to do some rural whiteness testing.

• Examination of field exams often involves many interpretations of officers.

• Blood alcohol testing equipment may be affected by medical conditions, prescription medications, and more.

• There are specific procedures that need to be followed during detention and during the process.

Soviet tests include:

– one straight line, one on the other, if you maintain balance

– Being able to track an object moving with its eyes

These are some unusual tests that can be performed more than once.

Lawyers have extensive experience defending DUI cases. Know the court system, prosecutors and judges. They will walk on your behalf to help defend the case. As they evaluate the validity of the detention and the proceedings, they can find a way to win the DUI case in Erie, PA, or at least reduce the charges.