Pennsylvania Football – American High School Tradition with the Ridley Raiders

First of all, my badge to every trainer, mentor, administrator, and influencer who has helped student-athletes in the past, as well as the American students and sports students who continue to be involved in life. The amount of time and effort put into the training is tremendous. s and O & # 39; s, and most importantly, involving the student athlete's personal life, people, places and situations. Coaches are really role models and have an impact on the lives of players. LONG LIFE TRAINING!

Pennsylvania Football & # 39; it is one of the great traditions. Players like Dan Marino, Jim Kelly, Joe Montana and many other famous players have established themselves as the "foundation" and focal point of the United States football school. In addition, Pennsylvania coaches such as Curry (Berwick), Bernat (Owen J. Roberts), Waller (Ridley), Pettine (CBWest), etc., have learned how to play student-athlete leadership and represent themselves off the field. I have personally met Coach Hank Bernat in more than one way, and believe me as a coach, a motivating, inspiring, dedicated and strong mentor who wanted to ensure that student-athletes succeeded in education and in the community. Penn & # 39; s coaches in Woods, Pennsylvania, made sure that each player understood the realities of life and that it was essential to be a productive citizen in America. People have told me and Pennsylvania that I have been a great coach in the field of leadership, and the emphasis on effort and care has been Jerry Sandusky. Do I have to say more?

Many successful and successful high school soccer programs throughout the century have been pressured by educators and coaches to gain positive results by earning true support, preparation and education in the school setting. The question remains, what is the intention of the coach? Does he use a student-athlete as a pawn for his future success, or does he care about the student in the first place? This has a profound impact on the integrity of his role and most importantly the student-athlete! This environment will not understand a culture and the creation of inadequate values ​​is infiltrating the school community and the American community and society. In addition to losing this negative domino effect on the game of life, the unique atmosphere within the school institution ignites the sport and other social aspects.

Reminiscent, not an introduction, the Ridley Raiders of Pennsylvania & # 39; s remains one of the most traditional football teams in America. Founded in 1934, the Ridley football program achieved a 500-win mark "30" faster than any other state program! Plus, as a testament to tradition and success, the Ridley Raiders have the best percentage in Pennsylvania and even set the highest percentage in the nation at 25 percent! It is a school of tradition with the help of all aspects that support and support a very good “blue-collar” community of students, educators, administrators and. Fans of traditional families and others from the new community, buy into the "blue-collar" work ethic and town and are dedicated to students, the community, coaches and the team. This action is not heard in many school education societies. That is what makes the Ridley congregation a winner in a geographical venue (Philadelphia) that is not only a football tradition but also the history and birthplace of America and the country (Declaration of Independence).

Interested in high school and high school in the United States, in particular, they should emphasize student athlete success and their desire for money, fame, as well as success! Take care of student athletes! Simply ask your top educators and motivators: Joe Paterno, Jerry Sandusky, Jackie Sherrill, Steve Spurrier, Bobby Bowden, RC Slocum, Don Nehlen, Bo Schinbeckler, Tom Osborne, Paul Bryant and many others who have followed or motivated and taught the student. the athlete on and off the field must have strong productive citizens. CONGRATULATIONS RIDLEY RAIDERS!