Pennsylvania, Drugs and Gangs Pennsylvania – Things are getting better, but it's still a challenge

When I travel the United States I see the good, the bad and the ugly. Sometimes you think you're looking for a nice environment, but when you stop talking to people there, they tell you otherwise. Then, in other places and places, you see what it is like to be a people, but the city is alive and operating in a community spirit.

I recently traveled to Pennsylvania and reported what I had seen. Actually, I saw some problems there, but only you noticed and you couldn't tell if it was good or bad. Later, when I wrote about the area, someone contacted me and a couple of other people in the area briefly mentioned it to me. Here's what he has to say:

live in an area that could be described as a story of 3 cities. I operate from Bethlehem in the city of Moravians in 1740, and the steel of Bethlehem is definitely steel. I graduated from Moravian College in 1966, taught at Bethlehem School in 1967-1999, and have been a real estate agent since 2001. This is a wonderful village that will soon be invaded by the Sands Casino. No one is quite sure what will happen. Then I go to Allentown in West Downtown and some resemble the wonderful hole of drugs and death. The school district is a mess and new people are not the main reason. Administrations go to all groups in the city. We head east to Easton, a city bordering NJ. It is a pretty city when I grew up and in college. Located at Lafayette College. The Declaration of Independence is one of the three places that was read. He seemed to be coming back, but so far not so much, because the thieves, the drugs, the crises, the blood, the money guys, prostitution is very prominent. Nobody wants to do anything. Even the surrounding countryside, once very rural, is now a crime to eradicate houses and cars. We also have two losses that banks are holding. Still located between Philly and NY, we are a hot spot. Only the good Lord knows how long.

We all work hard to make sure our cities are safe and wonderful, it is our responsibility to put them in the community safely and if we want to. If we do not act we are part of the problem and do not help in the solution. Next year, I want you to consider this and I want to do your part. Do something to see this in 2008.