Affordable Health Insurance Pennsylvania

If you have been unemployed and have lost business insurance group insurance plans, one way to get affordable health insurance in Pennsylvania is to buy a conversion plan.

Conversion coverage is the only company that provides group health insurance to your employer and its employees. If you received group health insurance for employees in less than three months, you are eligible for health coverage. When you purchase a conversion insurance plan in Pennsylvania, your employer must pay the premiums that your employer may have paid once, in accordance with the insurance plan of the company sponsor; however, he cannot be waived for any medical conditions.

Affordable health insurance for pension conversion insurance, not just for you, but for anyone covered by the employer-backed group health insurance plan. This includes your spouse [even if you are both divorced] and your child. While the person is dependent on you and previously covered by your health insurance, your conversion plan may also be covered.

You cannot qualify for or receive a conversion to health coverage if you have health insurance that offers a different group health insurance plan or similar health coverage. For the most part, you also need to use Federal COBRA health care coverage if you choose to do so.

When you are unemployed, you need to be aware of the health insurance rights in the health insurance conversion plans. Once notified, you have 31 days to apply for conversion coverage. If you have not been informed of your health insurance rights under health insurance plans, contact your employer, the employer-sponsored group health insurance plan, or the Pennsylvania Department of Commonwealth Insurance.