A Guide to Pennsylvania Lemon Laws

Pennsylvania This guide to lemon law can help you understand your rights and whether your vehicle manufacturer may be eligible for a full refund or a new car.

How to know if you have a lemon:

Follow this checklist to see if your vehicle can be classified as a lemon:

  • My vehicle has a defect that damages its use, value and / or safety.
  • The mistake was not due to my negligence or alteration to the vehicle.
  • The mistake was the first year or 12,000 miles after receiving the vehicle.
  • I brought the vehicle to the manufacturer to fix the bug.
  • Repair facility failed to repair vehicle after 3 attempts or my vehicle was out of service for 30 days or more.

If you think you have a lemon:

If you have checked (or even most of the above) the above checkboxes, then you have the right to return your vehicle or new replacement vehicle. As a next step, it is advisable to consult with a lemon law professional if you really have a claim and how to proceed best.

Questions About the Pennsylvania Lemon Act:

Q: Are rented vehicles covered?

A: All vehicles that were leased after Pennsylvania on February 11, 2002 were subject to PA lemon law.

Q: Are vehicles used under PA lemon law?

A: Used vehicles may be covered by the manufacturer if you have left a warranty when you purchased the vehicle, or if you have been "certified" by the manufacturer or seller, and have made at least one warranty claim before the warranty expires.

Q: How to avoid buying a car that was / was not a lemon?

A: Pennsylvania lemon law requires that a car dealer notify you in writing of your vehicle, and that you have received your signatures and that you are in good standing with your history.

Q: How much will it cost and get my vehicle refunded?

A: Many lemon law professionals will provide free services and pay for your vehicle manufacturer.