You've been charged with Pennsylvania DUI – What to Expect

This article will discuss the process of DUI charges in the Pennsylvania criminal justice system. All steps in this process listed in this article are based on Pennsylvania Criminal Procedure Regulations and apply only to Pennsylvania DUI cases.
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You have dinner with friends and they drive you home and suddenly you hear a siren and you see the flashes of light in the rear-view mirror. This or a variant of this scene is played thousands of times a year in Pennsylvania.
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Most of those who find themselves in this situation are not “criminals” living with the criminal justice system, but the average citizen who has made a mistake or may be in the wrong place.
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519 Pennsylvania Criminal Law allows police to commit a DUI offense to remove offenders. This means you get home rather than jail. As such, police say most people are released after completing the DUI investigation and are told they will receive paperwork.
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It can be a very confusing time, because no one knows what to expect. Many questions can remain unanswered at the time of release. The most common question is “what’s going on now?” I will list the next steps in the process to begin planning how to deal with the situation.
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After being released from a Pennsylvania DUI arrest, a police officer filed a “Crime Complaint” at the local magistrate’s office.
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Magistrates & # 39; s The office will send you a “call” package by email that includes this certificate and many other items. This call package will typically arrive two to six weeks after release. The call will generally consist of three elements.
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First, a list of allegations against you and a criminal complaint that includes a “probable cause statement.” This is a brief summary of what happened to the police officer, and forms the legal basis for filing criminal charges.
Second, the call will usually contain a fingerprint command. Pennsylvania law for all people to commit a crime must be fingerprinted. This would normally be done in the county jail when he is being processed.
However, those released under Rule 519 will not be taken to jail, so they will not receive a finger on the date of the incident. The order will require the digital fingerprint to appear at any given time.
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He is being held in the Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, criminal identification office in downtown Pittsburgh. Failure to appear in this appointment may result in the arrest warrant.
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It should be noted that some Magistrates do not order fingerprints during the summons, but give them before you appear before you for your Preliminary Hearing. So don’t panic if you don’t come across another paper.
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Finally, the call will receive a “Preliminary Hearing Notice”. This will list the time and place when the first court appearance occurs. It will usually be before the magistrate who sent you a call after several weeks.
Upon re-appearing, an arrest warrant will be issued. In the future article, I will address what will happen in the hearing before and in the subsequent courts.
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