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After setting the auxiliary base at $ 5,200, the price of bitcoin has risen sharply. The BTC / USD breached the major $ 5,550 and $ 5,850 in the positive resistance level zone. The price is (08:00 UTC), trading above $ 6,000 and nearing $ 6,550.

Likewise, most major alkynes grow by 10% -15%, including Ethereum, XRP, litecoin, bitcoin cash, BNB, EOS, TRX, ADA and XLM. ETH / USD has risen by about 18% and is now trading above the $ 135 resistance. However, XRP / USD breached the $ 0.155 resistance and is now trading above $ 0.165.

The price of bitcoin
After successfully closing more than $ 5,550, Bitcoin made $ 5,850 at the moment. BTC / USD increased 15% and it tested the $ 6,400 resistance zone. It is currently consolidating gains and trading for $ 6,500. If reduced, support could be as high as $ 6,200.
Standing upright, the first big resistance is between $ 6,550 and $ 6,600. Successful breaks of $ 6,600 may reduce the price to $ 6,800.

Ethereum Price

The price of Ethereum rose sharply to $ 125 and $ 130. Even the ETH / USD breached the $ 135 resistance level and tested the $ 140 level resistance. Bull’s next major resistance is now $ 150.
On the downside, the initial support is $ 132, which can be lowered to $ 125.
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Bitcoin cash, Litkino and XRP price
Bitcoin’s cash price has risen more than 30%, breaking resistance to $ 190 and $ 200. Even BCH / US reached $ 220 and is approaching $ 240 resistance. The high apparent resistance of $ 240 and $ 250 will not be easy in the near future. Previous resistance between $ 205 and $ 200 can help you now.
Litecoin managed to hit the resistance level from 35.00 to 36.50 USD. As a result, the LTC / USD was above the $ 40.00 threshold and is now showing numerous positive signs. That said, the adjustment is now below $ 38.50.
The XRP price breached the $ 0.155 resistance level to launch the current rally. The price is close to 15%, breaking $ 0.165 resistance. Further increase may be caused by the price of $ 0.172 and the resistance of $ 0.175. The next major resistance is about $ 0.180.

There is another altcoin on the market today
During the last three sessions, more than 20% of many small capitalization altcoin rallies, including TT, MIOTA, VSYS, ENJ, NMR, ATOM, MCO, MATIC, MKR, NEXO, BCH, DGB, HEDG, BCD and BTG.

Overall, the price of bitcoin is rising, though it is approaching $ 6,500 and $ 6550. A successful break of $ 6,550 can lead to a price tag of up to $ 6,800. If not, it can be properly reduced to $ 6,200 or $ 6,000.


Bed and breakfast concession

If you are looking to open a bed and breakfast for any reason, I would like to tell you that you made a great choice. You should know that it will take some time to fully establish your bed and breakfast, unless you choose a privilege. Most work in creating a bed and breakfast business is planning.
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Getting a bed and breakfast franchise is great, but you must do the right research before you completely clear your mind. First, do you know what a bed and breakfast is? The bed and breakfast is the intersection between a very nice hotel and your home.
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If you are looking to start a bed and breakfast project, you should know that it is not like an ordinary hotel, and it does not have between fifty to a hundred rooms. The bed and breakfast consists of four to ten guest rooms with bathtub, large living area and dining room, as well as a wonderful kitchen.
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If you are planning a B and B business, you may also need to keep in mind that the owners live in the Inn. The site owners treat their home and act as if the travelers are their guests, and they, only pay the guests. Guests at the B&B expect a good treatment.
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When operating this B&B, you should not forget the actual breakfast. You should make sure to have a nice home-cooked breakfast available to your guests every morning. You should make this breakfast available in the commercial dining room, as well as in the guest’s private room; it’s your choice of how to handle this situation.
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Today bed and breakfast franchises seem to be very popular and are beginning to appear in front of more and more audiences every day. When starting a B&B, you should know that you will face a lot of competition. In the 1980s, SBA records showed only a handful of bed and breakfast properties (about 1,000 properties hosting about a million guests). Today you will find 28,000 properties hosting 50.5 million guests.
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If you start a bed and breakfast for profit, you must choose a franchise that is very popular. Your B&B activity will be as successful as you do, but remember, it takes time to start the B&B Inn and can make the important franchise easier. The B&B dates back to the Roman Empire and you know what they say; Rome was not built in a day.
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Choose a bed and breakfast in the housing

There is plenty of guides available online to help you choose your bed and breakfast accommodation, whether it’s a city location like the Leicester bed and breakfast, or a quiet, deep getaway in the Scottish Highlands.
Some guides on the Internet offer a personalized reservation service, with immediate confirmation of your room reservation, in addition to providing visitor information about the site or region in which you will reside.
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Special discounts for online reservations and late availability discounts for last minute room reservations are also provided. On-line guides sometimes provide independent reviews of the unique bed and breakfast, with ratings given to different aspects of accommodations, such as cleanliness, quality of food, decor, furniture and welcoming guests. After completing your stay, you may be invited to provide feedback, which in turn will be helpful for future visitors.
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The bed and breakfast is a growing internet place so guests can search and find affordable accommodations overnight. It is also an increasingly popular way for bed and breakfast owners, as they have access to a national and even international market.
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Previously, many of these bed and breakfast accommodations were to remain undiscovered jewels, and would only be able to attract local visitors, able or wishing to search for guide books and contact the tourist information facility in the area where they propose to stay. The Internet has changed all this by providing a global platform for guest houses, hostels, farms and many types of bed and breakfast accommodations.
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The great appeal of the bed and breakfast is that it provides a more personal alternative to a hotel, in a relaxed atmosphere. In addition to the traditional beachfront bed and breakfast in coastal resorts such as Blackpool, Skegness, Scarborough and Brighton, you can find intimate country retreats in beautiful areas like Lake District or Cotswolds.
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There are also many establishments aiming at the top end of the market and these are found in towns and villages alike and the countryside, which means that you can experience luxury, for example, in a stylish modern bed in London, Birmingham or Leicester or at breakfast the ‘world’ environment Old “Gloucestershire Pub or Shropshire Training Inn.
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Staying in a good bed with breakfast should be a welcome home away from home. You should feel at ease as if you were staying in a friend’s place. You will get breakfast and sometimes even packed lunches (usually at an additional cost, although some establishments will fill your vial with tea or coffee for free).
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Drying facilities are usually available if your bed and breakfast are on walking, so if you get soaking (most likely, given the usual British weather!), Your clothes will be dry and ready to wear again the next day. Since most bed and breakfast owners run themselves, they tend to know a lot about the local area and can be an absolute information mine. They will know the best bars, restaurants, shops, walking and excursions and often enjoy sharing their knowledge with their guests.
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Where to find the best hotel accommodation online

Shall I go on a trip? There are a lot of things to consider when booking a hotel stay. There is the actual location of the hotel, easy access to public transportation and its proximity to the sites you want to visit, and hotel reviews also play a big factor, of course, there is a cost.

Thankfully, everything is nowadays accessible via the Internet. We have compiled a list of online travel agencies that offer accommodations at different price points. Whether you are a leisure traveler or leisure traveler, we have covered you!

1. has been ranked number one of the best online travel agencies in the world since 2014 (according to Skift). They offer different types of accommodations from upscale hotels, hostels, apartments, and rooms. Customer rankings are displayed on the site, and you can search for hotel accommodations according to your budget, with most deals offering free cancellation.

2. Expectations

In 1996 Expedia began purchasing Orbitz, another travel agency online. Hotel reservations are only part of Expedia's business, as it also book airline tickets, cruises and even car rental. You can earn Reward Points by earning an Expedia + card. They also regularly have secret deals and discount coupons for those looking for a deal.


The only online travel agency based in Asia (Singapore) that has become part of the world's best internet agencies. has continuously increased its customers by offering "best price guarantee" in their rooms, as well as specialized "flash sales". Accommodation in hotels in Agoda ranges from luxurious hotels, inns to b & Bs to hotels and resorts.

4. Tripadvisor

While is primarily a review site, it also provides the option to book hotels. Currently, the site ranks first in the list of the best online travel agencies in the world, according to Skift. What is nice though is that you can view different accommodation deals, and you can also see price comparisons with another site that offers the same hotel. Usually, prices are discounted on, so you get a better deal. Also, the user generated reviews are very helpful.


You can book hotel accommodation at for more than 325,000 hotels worldwide. Bed and Breakfast and inns, and even some condos are also in stock. They have a lot for long stay guests called " Rewards". Guests staying at least 10 nights receive a discount on their next reservation.

6. Bedand

For those looking for the magic of bed and breakfast accommodations, Bedand is a specialist site that has been around for more than 20 years. The site offers hot deals, and has a private area of ​​Diamond Collection Inns, which includes luxurious bed and breakfast accommodations.


Referred to as "Great Deals on Youth Hostels Everywhere", the site contains 33,000 inns in stock. And if you register for their SmartSavers membership, you will not actually get any reservation fees. Ideal for those with a budget, there are many options on this site.


Really smart way to find the best accommodations anywhere

Historically, as a business traveler, vacationer or tourist, you have had a limited number of ways to determine your accommodation and arrangement.

First, you can book through chain of favorite or most popular hotels or hotels. Depending on your needs and budget, in general, the largest of these (and still will be) will have at least one property at the location you choose, and provide a consistent benchmark around the world or across the country.

Another option is to contact a travel agent to arrange your trip and stay with it. Usually the agent either sells the holiday maker a "vacation package" or for the business traveler a "shelf rate" from the global distribution system (GDS) (global distribution systems like Saber or Galileo) a little more explanation of what is happening behind the scenes of these two methods: the package holiday was It is simply a "group discount" for air travel known as FIT (Absolutely All Inclusive Tour) where the traveler can purchase a certain amount of approved stay, often every night of their flight duration to get a reduced fare. This housing is wrapped by travel wholesalers who have negotiated with individual hotels or chains that offer them the minimum number of rooms / nights for a large discount. The downside of these parcels was usually the lack of flexibility and that the reserved rooms were mostly a house, which meant that the hotel could place these travelers at discounted rates in whatever room was available to them per night / night. On the contrary, the reservation of the rack price made via GDS, although the high cost (partly due to the high cost of the hotel participating in the GDS, as well as the agent's commission) was usually more flexible and the customer would get some room.

Nowadays, of course there is the Internet! The entire world of residence is at your fingertips, so it's easy to find what you need. But is it? Unlike a phone book like directory agents years ago, the Internet does not contain content or an index, and my Google agenda is not your own. For example, searching for "accommodation (in a city)" may not result in a single real hotel property until Page 2, 3, or later. Of course there are many different excellent sites that offer an impressive array of hotels in the most popular sites around the world, so it should be – solve the problem, however, many of these sites' offerings are restricted in several ways and can be arranged in line with the site’s revenue from the property Singles more than suits you. How do you know which one gives you the best deal? So here's what I suggest:

Take a multi-pronged approach to this with the goal of obtaining the right property, at the right location, at the best available rate.

Let's imagine that you are going in a new place, and you have not gone before. Accompany my city of Busselton in the beautiful wine region of Margaret River in southwestern Australia, for example. where do I start?

First, go to the site that contains (almost) all accommodations – grouped hotels (no, I don't work with them or have posts or any other interest) in the light blue search box, enter your destination, arrival, and departure dates (note that this It is the date after last night), the number of guests, and click Search. The first result (for example) will show 25 hotels ordered "Recommended". You can adjust this across the top line by: Stars; distance; price or guest rating, or bottom of the page in more depth by star rating, price, places, hotel name (if you know that), property type and / or features. Note that you can only change one field at a time. This powerful tool enables you to narrow down the properties you are looking for through any or all of these variables. Once you've chosen one, click "Book now" and you will see a new box displaying a number of reservation sites and their price for the property mentioned on the dates you want. When you click GO, you will actually be taken to the reservation site, since Hotels Combined is not a reservation site, but just an excellent guide. But stop! Before you actually book, there are a few checks and due diligence that you may choose to do.

Firstly Hotels Combined does not cover all properties nor all reservation sites for example Triple A or Wotif, and one of the downsides of many of these large international booking sites, although their cost at the property is much lower than the first two reservations the methods you have identified, may still be You receive an operating room, or face very restricted conditions. You may also want to independently verify the experience of other travelers in the property. And therefore:

Take a look at Tripadvisor (searching by real estate name is the fastest way, but you can also search by location, etc.) to see how the property is rated by its former guests, and if you really want to descend on stout, read ownership responses to reviews, if She was interested in doing it, and you could even join as a contributor, for free, and send a request to one or more of the reviewers to ask specific questions about their experience or about ownership.

After doing this, if you are still satisfied with your choice, or have done a new job, in this case, repeat the process with Hotels Combined to find the best offer on offer, there is one final step I recommend: search for the property on our website. Many accommodations make a wise decision, given that all reservation sites and the external sources of other reservations like visitor centers, car clubs, etc., charge different levels of commission ranging from approximately 10-18% to ensure an equal or lower price. Always submit on her website.

Finally, it's nearly if you plan to stay longer than two or three nights, especially if its low or midweek season is in a vacation area, or Fri – Sun nights in the city, and / or if more than you need one room Just try making a phone call to the property, especially if it's a smaller owner managed by a landlord, as you will often talk to the landlord who might be willing to negotiate pricing, and he will definitely be well aware of that and the surrounding area.

Although I hope this method is beneficial to you and of course leads you to our private hotels if you plan to stay in this area, I am also very satisfied that it may not be so, because I am convinced that our happiest guests are those who made a conscious and informed choice to stay here.

Happy traveling!


How a bike tour is over 3K in FB ads

Why should a bike tour be more than 3K in FB ads?

A bike tour for your guests does not cost three thousand dollars. Don't even come close to $ 200. However, although hotels and resorts only charge a moderate price for a bike tour, they deserve a lot more than one might imagine.

Guests book a bike tour to discover the landscape and get a better idea of ​​the culture and communicate with the citizens of the place. Most guests don't realize that they are already gaining an entirely new experience that they will bring with them for a very long time. Providing a bike tour is not just another service, it is one of the best opportunities that you can build a strong relationship with your guests or at least strong memories.

A bicycle tour is an event. It's exciting, more or less stressful, fun and cool. It creates joy and connects the group. People get to know each other and start communicating. They tell stories and share feelings and emotion. Overall, it's a fun activity with very positive results.

While driving around people who love to take pictures and videos, rest in a beautiful place and enjoy time with each other. Pictures and videos are taken to remember special moments. Therefore, many people will watch the bike tour, and the participants will tell their story again and again. Sure, they do oral marketing (free for free). The reason they do so is only related to the happiness that a bike tour has brought to their lives.

Thus, such a small event has a lot of potential and often exceeds one's expectations. Plus, it often outpaces all of your great services combined due to entertainment and activity factors.

As I mentioned earlier, this bike tour is very strong regarding your image and uniqueness. It is inconceivable to know the message of these experienced events. Your event can reach the other side of the world due to one common image.

Once you are fully aware and fully aware of the phenomenal positive results of a bike tour, you should consider offering tours at very low cost or even for free. You earn much more in the long run even though you do not charge any fees for your trips.

I suggest thinking about it for a while. Imagine how to set a bike tour, where to go, where to rest, where to take photos / videos, where to snack, where to chat, etc. Determine your mind and truly think about the number of guests you can attract by offering low-cost or free bike rides. Perhaps your tours will become so popular that people just come to your place to experience a unique tour.

After successfully taking a few completed bike tours, you can consider merging surprises, achievement gifts, photo booths, access to VIP areas and other interesting tools and tools. This activity can dramatically improve your housing arrangement.


Rhode Island hotels

Hordes of visitors are drawn to Rhode Island in the summer, bringing to the country over a billion dollars in revenue every year. The enormous scenic country provides countless opportunities for both tourists looking for beaches and water activities, and a traveler who wants to indulge in some history.

While Block Island boasts some stunning beaches, Providence is the capital city of architectural pleasure, and Newport directs high heels that collectively move to their big summer homes every year. Other attractions on Rhode Island include Touro Synagogue, the oldest in the United States, the Roger Williams National Monument in Providence, General Nathaniel Green Homestead in Coventry, and Samuel Slater Mills in Pawtucket.

There are some of the oldest and most popular hotels and inns on Block Island, which offer a range of beautiful beaches, excellent restaurants, and interesting bike and walking paths. Centrally located, Gothic Inn allows visitors to relax in true Rhode Island style and watch boats at Old Harbor. The family-owned Seacrest Inn in New Shoreham's historic Old Shoreham neighborhood offers modern and comfortable rooms for those seeking to escape the grinding of crowded and crowded cities. Visitors looking for a rural experience will enjoy Maple Leaf Cottage, a 19th-century bed and breakfast located opposite Beacon Hill Road Farm, or a lovingly restored Rockwell House Inn Bed and Breakfast in Bristol's waterfront neighborhood.

Most hotels and hostels operate from May to October, and have separate off-season rates for May and early June and after Labor Day. Visitors can choose accommodations ranging from rooms with private bathrooms to efficient two-bedroom apartments. Most hotels offer a continental breakfast full of cereals, cakes, milk, juice, tea, coffee or hot cocoa! Weekends are usually crowded with hotels, even in the off-season, so pre-booking is always a good idea.

For an unforgettable vacation in one of the most beautiful states in the United States, head straight to Rhode Island. However, it might be a good idea to find sea legs before they do!


Haunted Lighthouses of America – Michigan – Part One

One might think that coastal states would be home to most of America's beacons, but Michigan gets approval for most of the beacons, eleven of which are said to be haunted.

The ghost that is good for business
Big Bay Point Light Station

The ghosts of lighthouse keepers, their husbands, and their families are referred to as frightening people, but this bouncer was actually good for work!

Keeper William Harry Pryor believes that he is a persistent workaholic, and could not keep his aides until he finally hired his son, Edward, who offered many of his attributes. Apparently, while carrying out his duties, Edward fell, injuring his leg, but he continued to work despite his injury and not recovering. When the spring finally arrived, his father pulled him to the hospital in Marquette, but it was too late, Edward succumbed to gangrene poisoning.

The unbearable father disappeared in the woods with only a gun and some strychnine. After about a year and a half, a fisherman saw what appeared to be a skull hanging from a tree and called the police. Some red hair stuck to the badly decomposed body, but Prior's wife, Mary, identified the coat and two grooming devices in the pocket as belonging to her husband. Speculation abounds about whether Pryor hung himself or was killed.

Big Bay Point is now the famous Bed & Breakfast Inn. A former guard reported hearing voices coming from the kitchen, but saw no soul. In order to calm the spirit that I thought belonged to Pryor, she mentioned that his name reassured him that everything was "under control" during the many renovations and updates at the hotel.

A Inn Inn guest reported seeing a reflection of Prior's wife combing her hair, but when she turned around, she found no one there. Other guests reported seeing a man in a beacon costume circling the lighthouse and walking on the ground, while others reported seeing a man with red hair walking along the edge of the cliff.

These appearances of Pryors' business did not hurt the bed and breakfast, as they are booked tight throughout the summer.

Three boys and a ghost
Crisp Light Point – Michigan

There are many songs and stories about shipwrecks on Lake Superior where Crisp Point Light sits.
One story tells of three young men who took their guns and spent the night at a deserted, fragile point, if they wanted to prove their mastery of shooting.

During the night, they woke up to what seemed to be a heavy streak coming upstairs and stopping to land. They immediately went out with their guns and rained a firestorm of bullets, but they did not see and nobody heard. While they were guarding their rifles on standby, two fell asleep, but the third, very afraid, kept waking up. Shortly before dawn, he heard a voice and woke his friends, all of whom heard someone competing for the stairs. It appears that the ghost spent the night landing while the only boy kept the vigil.

Could this be the ghost of Christopher Crisp, a former guard who saved many lives, or could it be the ghost of a sailor man who perished in a famous hurricane on Lake Superior?


What makes a good B & B?

The bed and breakfast is a common sight in most cities and villages, but although there are many of them, only a few are able to provide quality service. The problem is, how do we differentiate good from bad? Usually the internet is the first resource for finding places to stay, but with so many advertising sites out there, this can often be more of a headache than a helpful one.

So what should we look for when searching? It's easy to get tricked by a delightful website for hotels, but often upon close examination, it doesn't do much. So it is important to know what to look for. Below you have written some key points that you may want to be aware of when looking for a place to stay.

The first thing to look for is their companions. Do they have parking? There are many bed and breakfasts on busy roads or city centers, and the need to purchase your luggage within one mile of the road from the hourly car park is not appropriate. Make sure you have on-site parking, or at least a suitable place for your nearby car. You should also be aware that some places will charge you to leave your car with them, so to avoid a bad surprise, it's best to check this in advance.

The location is always important, and while some B & B will announce themselves as being in "downtown" or "within reach", it is best for you to check it yourself. I've stayed in a few places that say it's within easy reach of local amenities, just to find that I need a taxi to go anywhere. Google Maps is one of the best ways to avoid such conditions.

Sometimes the proximity to a crowded city center is a disadvantage. The last thing the traveler needs is a sleepless night caused by the local pubs and clubs located just outside your window. Find a place that is away from the main roads within the city center. Residential streets are usually the best because they tend to be quieter.

When calling the hotel to check availability, ask about amenities in the room. Is it internal? If not, ask how many rooms share the bathroom. I would suggest that more than three rooms share too many bathrooms, and they can cause long delays in the morning.

Tea and coffee making facilities are essential, and they should be standard even in a poor quality hotel or bed and breakfast, but don't take it for granted. Other services I consider absolute must be television, coat hangers, desk and full-length mirror. If all this is not provided, I am simply looking elsewhere.

Additional services such as Wi-Fi are becoming more important for the modern traveler. Most organizations charge fees for using their internet services, and while this is acceptable, there are some good places that will provide this for free.

Another aspect that is often overlooked in hotels and B & B's is where the rooms are inside the building. Stairs can be a problem for some people, but even healthy, fit youngsters may not want to climb five steps of stairs every time they go to their room. If you are booked on a high floor, check for an elevator.

The bed and breakfast rate may mean different things to different establishments. Personally, I think the bed and breakfast should include a full cooked breakfast (with a vegetarian alternative), but some provide only a continental menu. Unfortunately, unless you have stayed at the establishment before, it is difficult to tell in advance how the breakfast will be. Perhaps the best way to avoid the worst places is to check for online reviews, as is the best.

Finally, it is no secret that the economy these days has forced most of us to be more frugal with our spending. However, this does not mean that less spending on residency should be reflected in the quality of service you receive. All of the above can be obtained as little as £ 50 per person, per night.


Expect grape things in the Fair Play California Wine Country

If by chance you are looking for a romantic place in Fair Play, California to spend the time you deserve for a long time, then this is the place! The rustic décor is Wine Country and Sierra Mountain, giving guests a true feel of Gold Country. Fully furnished and equipped with all the amenities of a first class stay, your winery trip, vacation or vacation in the cottage will definitely leave you with a pleasant surprise.

"The rest of your days depend on the rest of your nights," and relaxing in the Gold Country Charm after tasting wine makes the whole day. The country house has an outdoor hot tub to relax after a long day on the road. The free, self-catering breakfast is comfortable and spacious while preparing for a day of wine and fun. Guests can make use of the wifi to stay in touch with the outside world, and the new 42 inch flat screen is perfect for watching your favorite movies. The spacious log cabin floors provide a feel of the old country through a living space of approximately 900 square feet, and give you ample space to spread during your stay. The domed ceiling living room has a Tuscan country theme and a dining area with antique ice cream lounge seats, ideal for eating Food for special occasions, and the fully equipped kitchen provides all the necessary tools to prepare and serve specially planned meals, and feel free to use any of the specialized cooking oils, spices and fresh garlic for all visiting artists. The master bedroom is decorated Equipped with a tasteful King Iron 4 bed, it features a luxurious carpet wall on the wall and plenty of space and wardrobe for the needs of any traveler. It includes satellite TV, music channels and a high-fidelity stereo system to hear your listening.

The rental property is characterized by dense vegetation and is spread by granite rock plants, huge walnut and rice trees, as well as ancient stone walls that provide magic and ambiance for the floors. Quiet and private, you can enjoy the outdoor barbecue in your backyard, or just relax under the trees and enjoy a glass of wine and enjoy a good book. Also on the property are 2 quarter horses / beautiful paint, so don't forget your carrots!

Located in Sierra Foothills of California, Fair Play is a contiguous region of granite sandy soil in "Mountain Heights" in El El Dorado County, as defined by the US Department of Agriculture. Characteristics of wines from grapes grown in the fair play area. Terrain generally consists of hillsides and rounded hill covers. At an altitude of between 2000 and 3000 feet, the topographic location of all vineyards in relation to the immediate surrounding environment is of the utmost importance to reduce the negative effects of frosts in late spring. Most vineyards are located on hilltops or hills, allowing cold air to drain into the lower ground.

The height of the fair play area plays a role in the amount of rain, with temperatures ranging from approximately 35 to 40 inches in the average year. Precipitation increases as the height increases, approximately 3 to 4 inches per 1,000 feet in height. However, the length of the growing season follows the inverse pattern; as the height rises, the growing season decreases. The Fair Play has an average growth season of 230 to 250 days, with areas in the west and southwest appearing more than 250 days, and Fair Play arose as a gold mining camp in the Sierra Foothills during the gold rush in California. The first settlers registered in the Fair Play, where it was originally spelled, were N. Sisson and Charles Staples in 1853. Fair Play was a small prosperous mining city with many shops and hotels.

According to local traditions, the name arose from an incident in which the "fair play" call prevented a fight between two miners. Although Fair Play was initially only a mining camp, the city later became a commercial center and post office for hydraulic and mining mines in the area. The items were shipped to Fair Play and Slug Gulch to the east via steep mountain roads.

In the 1880s, agriculture was the main economic activity, although the stamp mill was still in operation. The California gold rush came to an end when the state legislature restricted hydraulic mining, leaving only a few fixed rock mines. Most mining camps such as Fair Play have dwindled and all have disappeared, with the exception of the store and the occasional school serving the remaining farmers and farm owners after the miners swept away. Only two commercial firms (groceries and appliances), the former school (now home), and the old cemetery remain.

The awakening of fair play as a wine-growing region did not really happen until a pilot vineyard was planted on the Bin Sim farm in a diamond farm in 1967. By studying experimental vineyards, this was identified, among other things, but most famously, Cabernet is expected to produce both Saignignon , Petite Sirah, Zinfandel, Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay are excellent types of dry wines in the Fair Play area.

Currently, the total area of ​​wine grapes is about 350 acres, of which about 250 acres are currently in production.

So no need to go to Napa, Fair Play offers Northern California visitors an affordable and affordable alternative. The Fair Play mills compete in the California State Fair and have brought back the famous Golden Bear award for excellence in winemaking, so don't miss out, free gastronomy is generally free and wine club prices cannot be matched at all wineries. Expect the grapes things from your visit!


Hotel facilities – economic component line

Many hotels and B & Bs are looking for a range of hotel amenities to suit their setting. By choosing a group of hotel amenities that compliment her ideas, her brand will be strengthened and her visit will be fully enjoyed. Many traditional hotels or B & B choose the line, Lord & Mayfair, a line that specializes in providing a feel of the English countryside. It is perfect for a Victorian themed B & B. Some choose Aromae plants as a great choice for a budget hotel or B & B because its price is very good and keeps the look of luxury.

For hotels and B & B that want to provide their guests with a spa-like atmosphere, they have very few options, such as Judith Jackson Spa or Norwich, Line Spa and Kudos Spa. These lines work to create a spa-like experience in the guest room.

For a country-inspired bed and breakfast or breakfast, the Ecossential Elements line of hotel facilities is the best option. Ecossential elements inspired by the wonders and freshness of nature. The products are enriched with organic aloe vera, plant extracts, cleansing, purifying and rejuvenating your hair and skin.

Ecossential Elements offer a full line of products with a suitable size of 1.1oz. Refreshing Shampoo, Moisturizing Conditioner, Moisturizing Body Lotion, Refreshing Shower Gel with Natural Natural Bar and Natural Citrus Body Bar. Both soap bars are wrapped in paper and are available in 6-oz and 1.0-oz sizes, respectively.

In addition to the standard amenities described above, there are also helpful items a hotel or bed and breakfast can offer to its guests. Ecossential elements include a shoe sponge, a shower cap, a personal care kit, dental care, a razor, and a great travel bag.


West Virginia, a great place to hang your hat and visit too

The United States is a truly wonderful country, with all kinds of people, and the diversity of people, culture and landscapes is fantastic in every way, how fortunate we are all. Not so long ago, someone from West Virginia called me, and I couldn't help but let that famous song pass through my head: "Take me home, country roads" by John Denver.

The mountains in West Virginia are amazing, I have visited every city in the country, and I can't tell you how many times I closed the West Virginia highway to take a long scenic route, often got more than I negotiated, but I absolutely love adventures. I often wanted to stay longer. I crossed the roads in the middle of nowhere, and I don't know where they went, but I yearn to take a chance, turn around, and go exploring – it looks like the road is calling me.

Well, I guess if you're on a Honda Goldwing instead of a motor coach, I might have one. One day, I'd like to do it (spring or summer of course), just take one of those ways, just to find out where to go, such a curiosity that you share if you're in the same situation there. Perhaps, you take this opportunity, and with fate you dance. Yes, this ancient country road, and true John Denver, actually captured the core. You see, if you've seen what you've seen, you agree too.

Yes, this old road, where he walks on the ground, knows someone, someone in West Virginia, life was simple, and the resources are plentiful. I take each of these ways, spend a year, and see everything. "Take me home, the country road" – well, for me, I'd like to do it in more states than West Virginia only, I've lived the same feel in Montana, Wyoming, New Mexico, California, Nevada, Idaho, Colorado, Arizona, and in the states New England too. It's amazing, what a beautiful country we live in.

Still, West Virginia is so beautiful, so mysterious, so cute, so interesting, it's simply amazing. Yes, sometimes the weather is leaving, but when it's a clear day, there's a lot to see, it's so beautiful. Many people in the city don't get a chance to see it, but they should. They really must. Perhaps, you will consider visiting W. Virginia, to meet some people, and I am sure you will understand, too.