The story of the echo-balloon is even more powerful as bitcoin finds it difficult to help.

Bitcoin has been crazy over the last few weeks as the price of cryptocurrency has exploded, ranging from $ 7,300 to $ 10,600 before the momentum dissipates and BTC has slowed to its current level.

A prominent analyst now points out that Bitcoin’s inability to stabilize over $ 10,000 cannot amplify the history of the echo swamp that many analysts have been entertaining over the past two months.

Bitcoin finds ongoing support at $ 8,000
At the time of writing, Bitcoin is trading more than 2% at its current price of $ 8,190, lower than its daily low of $ 8,000, which is where the crypto crisis has been able to find continued support in recent days.

Over the last few days and weeks, bitcoin has been slowly declining, finding multiple levels of support before trading sideways, and eventually declining to find lower lower prices.

cryptocurrency prices live

It is not yet clear whether this empty model will continue in the near future as BTC raises $ 8,000, but one analyst believes that cryptocurrency will soon have a major breakthrough.

Popular cryptocurrency analyst on Twitter HornHairs spoke on a recent tweet, explaining that BTC’s demand around the current price range, as well as several other factors, led him to believe that this price level is moderately lower.

Does the Bearish BTC Echo Bubble story turn out to be technical?
Popular hedge fund economist and manager Mark Doe recently tweeted about Bitcoin’s stock price, explaining that “really strong” assets did not recover immediately after the end of October movements. Its high prices of $ 10,000 can confirm the story of the exotic balloon.


Alternatives to Pleading for Divorce Actions? Not so fast!


When filing a divorce complaint, it would seem that a typical lawyer would theoretically make as much of a standard claim as possible in theory, to go to court or to take action against the weaker lawyer; a frequently mentioned strategy is “throw as much mud on the wall and see what sticks!” It appears that the Pennsylvania Rules of Civil Procedure (RCP 1020 and 1021) specifically support this strategy, allowing for alternative and contradictory claims.
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Indeed, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court has explicitly held that “(t) he rules reflect the general principle that plaintiffs do not have to be compulsory in choosing a particular theory to advance the claim.” Republic Intermodal Corporation and Sullivan Lines, Inc. v. Doris Leasing Company, Inc. and Union National of Pittsburgh, 473 p. (1976).
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When filing a divorce complaint, it appears that most attorneys are relying on the aforementioned strategy to simultaneously file for divorce claims under 3301 (c), 3301 (d), and sometimes under section 3301 (a) of the Pennsylvania Divorce Code, as a standard practice.
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For the benefit of those who are not familiar with the Divorce Code, section 3301 (c) permits a guilty divorce after both parties have filed a consent statement and ninety (90) days have elapsed after the divorce has been filed. . Section 3301 (d) allows a spousal security after two (2) years of separation by a spouse. 3301 (a) is a common and outdated guilt-based divorce claim.
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Although the Rules of Civil Procedure seem to allow for alternative claims, although they are in the context of divorce, in many cases there are increasing cases of proscribing alternative claims for divorce. The question that arises is: Can a plaintiff file in a divorce action, sections 3301 (c) and 3301 (d) and / or 3301 (a), a permit for filing a divorce action? Apparently, in accordance with the rules and jurisprudence mentioned above, the plaintiff wants a petition in a divorce action. However, courts have increasingly restricted this right in certain situations.
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In more and more cases, the Pennsylvania courts have ruled that the plaintiff may oppose a divorce proceeding as quickly as possible against prejudices that are unfair and unfair. Accordingly, if the plaintiff submits under section 3301 (c), the courts have increasingly taken the view that it may refuse to file an unauthorized release under section 3301 (c).
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The damage to the contract is quite obvious: first, filing a divorce action often involves filing an alimony pending. Alimony pendente lite is in favor of an adversary who can only be claimed for dependence on a divorce action.
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Accordingly, extending an inherent divorce action is an extension of the length of time the alimony has to pay pending litigation. Second, it extends the length of time the parties marry, which can have several consequences. Courts have taken the view that refusing a single divorce action is an abuse of the divorce process and cannot benefit from the divorce action without taking reasonable steps.
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Although the courts have refused to allow the Affirmative Commission to file, can the courts require a party to file an affidavit? So far, the courts have been reluctant to enforce a Confirmation Permit. So far, cases that decide on this issue have been punished for not accepting a single divorce action, which may be an act of divorce. This, by definition, excludes alimonia pendente lite at the same time. There are still no sanctions against the party refusing to authorize her divorce action, as part of the penalties to be assessed, but the case does not preclude that outcome.

There is a growing number of cases where the party has refused to file for divorce when the party receives spousal support rather than pending litigation. The crucial distinction between spousal support and alimony pendente lite is that spousal support is not subject to the existence of a divorce action. A spouse can successfully apply for assistance and a spouse fails a divorce proceeding, but it is final when the parties get divorced. Therefore, dismissing the divorce action as a punishment for refusing an unauthorized declaration does not harm the fact that you are being ordered to support a spouse who is against you. In this case, the arguments of the judicial economy are raised in the context of the particular facts of each case. The specific issue is that a divorce claim has a positive impact on the spousal support claim. Otherwise, dismissing the claim will not be a viable alternative to correct the adversary’s claim. In this situation, penalties should be highly valued in order to remedy the unfair situation.

In the final analysis, when filing a divorce, one must realize that the spousal support or alimony order is pending in relation to the speed at which the divorce action should proceed. Similarly, if there is a case under section 3301 (c) of the Divorce Code, you must be prepared to file a leave of absence; otherwise, it should be done only in other sections of the Divorce Code. Important cases on this subject are: Skelly v. Skelly, 36 Pa. DC4th 189 (1997); Norris v. Norris, 10 Pa. D. and C.4th 207 (1991); Mellot v. Mellot, 1 Pa.D. & C.4th 618 (1988); Burk v. Burk, 38 Pa.D. & C.3d 558 (1986); Way v. Way, 35 Pa.D. & C.3d 653 (1985); Rueckert v. Rueckert, 20 Pa.D. & C.3d 191 (1981).



You've been charged with Pennsylvania DUI – What to Expect


This article will discuss the process of DUI charges in the Pennsylvania criminal justice system. All steps in this process listed in this article are based on Pennsylvania Criminal Procedure Regulations and apply only to Pennsylvania DUI cases.
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You have dinner with friends and they drive you home and suddenly you hear a siren and you see the flashes of light in the rear-view mirror. This or a variant of this scene is played thousands of times a year in Pennsylvania.
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Most of those who find themselves in this situation are not “criminals” living with the criminal justice system, but the average citizen who has made a mistake or may be in the wrong place.
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519 Pennsylvania Criminal Law allows police to commit a DUI offense to remove offenders. This means you get home rather than jail. As such, police say most people are released after completing the DUI investigation and are told they will receive paperwork.
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It can be a very confusing time, because no one knows what to expect. Many questions can remain unanswered at the time of release. The most common question is “what’s going on now?” I will list the next steps in the process to begin planning how to deal with the situation.
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After being released from a Pennsylvania DUI arrest, a police officer filed a “Crime Complaint” at the local magistrate’s office.
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Magistrates & # 39; s The office will send you a “call” package by email that includes this certificate and many other items. This call package will typically arrive two to six weeks after release. The call will generally consist of three elements.
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First, a list of allegations against you and a criminal complaint that includes a “probable cause statement.” This is a brief summary of what happened to the police officer, and forms the legal basis for filing criminal charges.
Second, the call will usually contain a fingerprint command. Pennsylvania law for all people to commit a crime must be fingerprinted. This would normally be done in the county jail when he is being processed.
However, those released under Rule 519 will not be taken to jail, so they will not receive a finger on the date of the incident. The order will require the digital fingerprint to appear at any given time.
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He is being held in the Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, criminal identification office in downtown Pittsburgh. Failure to appear in this appointment may result in the arrest warrant.
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It should be noted that some Magistrates do not order fingerprints during the summons, but give them before you appear before you for your Preliminary Hearing. So don’t panic if you don’t come across another paper.
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Finally, the call will receive a “Preliminary Hearing Notice”. This will list the time and place when the first court appearance occurs. It will usually be before the magistrate who sent you a call after several weeks.
Upon re-appearing, an arrest warrant will be issued. In the future article, I will address what will happen in the hearing before and in the subsequent courts.
But Libra has faced severe regulatory backlash. President Donald Trump has said Facebook may be required to apply for a bank license to issue it, while some US lawmakers have been planning the company’s digital currency plans. Central bankers have also spilled cold water on the idea, with Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell saying the project should be stopped until regulators’ concerns are addressed.
cryptocurrency prices
The Elliptic boss said that while Facebook is “catching fire”, many other companies are exploring asset-backed virtual currencies. “It’s out of the box,” he said. “People are now thinking about it and what is the right way to do it.” Even central bankers are floating the idea, with Bank of England Governor Mark Carney proposing a digital reserve currency and China’s central bank claiming it is close to releasing its own virtual tokens.

Moving forward, Elliptic is opening offices in Singapore and Japan as part of a push to the Asian market. Japan is an example of a country showing more breakthroughs in the industry than others, Smith said, with “major banks” examining ways to provide cryptocurrency services to their customers. The company said revenue in Asia has increased tenfold in the last 12 months alone.



Pennsylvania Claims In Pennsylvania Storm Impact Property


In Pennsylvania, there is a surface water law, found in jurisprudence. That is, one municipality or another owner is liable for damage to an adjacent owner if that first owner or municipality artificially drains it into shallow water (including storm water).
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Even if there is additional water volume, if stormwater diversion causes higher intensity or concentrated flow, then there is liability if damage is caused.
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A municipality has the right to manage stormwater and to protect public health and safety. However, it has to balance it with the rights of its owners.
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If a storm drainage system or drainage pipeline is constructed negligently, if the drain is not properly controlled, then there is liability for the damage caused.

Pennsylvania can be found in the Pennsylvania Storm Management Act (32 PS 680.13 et seq.). The law provides that there must be a plan in place to manage water leakage resulting from stormwater runoff or runoff.
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If the soil disturbance in a construction project is large enough or is close enough to a protected waterway, a permit and / or soil erosion control plan must be submitted with the Department of Environmental Protection.

So there are two main things that can lead to a legal claim for stormwater in Pennsylvania. The first. if you are doing construction that is a major disturbance to the soil or is near a protected stream or waterway, you should determine whether you need a permit and a control plan for erosion of the soil. Second, if you are a homeowner or landowner, if you believe that stormwater or surface water is flowing into your property or is diverting with greater intensity, you may have a claim for damages.

In the second case, if you believe your property is damaged or may cause harm to a person, you should investigate the source of the problem. The last time you have new buildings or a drainage system, you should check with your local government and the Department of Environmental Protection. Find out what the project was and whether it needed a permit and / or erosion and soil control plan. Although no permit or plan is required, it can still be a violation of the Stormwater Management Act or Pennsylvania jurisprudence, if surface water diversion is carelessly constructed or otherwise artificially diverting water to your property or at high speeds. .

There may be legal grounds for action in such legal claims: negligence, abuse, misappropriation, or violation of the PA Stormwater Management Act or the PA Clean Streams Act. The Law of Clean Currents (35 PS 691.1). The Clean Water Act allows private citizens to escape into rivers that pollute streams. It applies more often to the Department of Environmental Protection or other government action against pollutants.

Usually, a claim that there was a stormwater sewer or system or artificially piped water filter requires the use of an engineer. Engineering should conduct a study and possibly a study to support the claims in order to gather engineering findings.


When PA DUI is convicted


If you have been convicted of PA DUI, it is imperative to suspend your compulsory license. This means that the best way to prevent a suspension is to avoid a DUI conviction. And the best way to avoid a DUI conviction after arrest is to hire an experienced DUI lawyer to deal with your charges.

General Rule for Pennsylvania DUI Cases The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation suspends driving when a DUI conviction is notified. There are two types of infringement that do not result in compulsory license suspension:

• The first penalty for driving influence. General accident, accident or refusal.
• The first conviction for driving between 0.08% and 0.10% of the individual's BAC.

All other offenses are suspended.

The length of the PA DUI conviction license suspension will depend on two factors: the number of prior offenses within ten years and the time of individual BAC testing.

Due to Driving Under Impact – Violation of General Impairment (No Accident and Refusal), License Suspension will be as follows:

• First offense: No interruption
• Second offense: Suspension of 12-month license
• Third or subsequent offenses: 12 months license suspension.

You should note that a conviction in an accident or negligence related to a PA DUI can result in a 12-month license suspension for a first offense, and an 18-month suspension for a second and subsequent offense.

PA DUI – High-Speed ​​Alcohol Offense, a person faces a license suspension:

• First offense: 12 months
• Second offense: 12 months
• Third or subsequent offense: 18 months

To get a PA DUI – Highest Alcoholemia Rate, Suspension will be:

• First offense: 12 months
• Second offense: 18 months
• Third or subsequent offense: 18 months

There are a number of programs that have a DUI offense, such as joining the Revitalization Bar Rehabilitation Program, which can significantly reduce the length of the driver's suspension. Suspension due to ARD entry will be between 0 and 60 days. Also, some DUI offenders are entitled to a limited professional license or work license.

Additionally, you should be aware that there are very strict penalties for driving under the PA DUI license suspension. These offenses carry a prison term of between 60 and 90 days. Compulsory minimum fines are also included.

If you need your license and have a DUI arrest, you can pause with a PA experienced DUI lawyer to see what can be done about the suspension. A DUI lawyer gives you the best chance of avoiding the harsh consequences of a suspension resulting from a PA DUI conviction.


Asbestos Mesothelioma – Gender, Can It Be The Next Hope For Cancer?


Europe and the United States probably have a year left after graduating from gene therapy. However, at least two clinical trials are currently undergoing gene therapy for mesothelioma. These include the University of Pennsylvania and Louisiana State University. Unfortunately, gene therapy research took a major hit when teenager Jesse Gelsinger died in 1999 at a genealogy therapy clinical trial at the University of Pennsylvania.

However, China is already the only country in the world that has approved gene therapy. On October 16, 2003, a drug called Gendicine was approved by the State Food and Drug Administration. Gender was more than 5 years old before clinical trials were approved. Currently, this therapy has been used in more than 4500 patients and has been followed for patients over 6 years. Now, hundreds of cancer patients around the world are traveling to Beijing to receive this cutting-edge treatment.

Gendicine's clinical trials included 135 patients, and according to the results, 64% of patients showed tumor regression with 8 weeks of radiation therapy. Depending on the results of the clinical trial, the use of Gendicine with chemotherapy and radiotherapy may improve efficacy 3-fold. The only side effect of gendik is night fever.

With no other gene therapy approved in the world, many cancer patients from North America and Europe are traveling to Beijing (China) to receive Gendicine treatment.

Richard Weissenborn of Texas, spread to lymph nodes that had cancer of the tongue and spent two months living in July 2006. Dr. Li Dinggang was treated by Gendikina and Chemotherapy at Haidan Hospital in Beijing. US $ 30,000

Two months after two treatment cycles, a pet was shown to have a pet-related illness. The controversy surrounding the story is: Richard & # 39; although cancer has disappeared, there is some doubt that chemotherapy or gender has healed. Dr. Mark Persky, a cancer specialist, emphasized "in my review that there is no way to tell whether or not it has caused tumor regression."

In a healthy cell, there is a gene called p53, which can repair DNA, arrest cell growth and trigger cell self-destruction, just like cell damage in cancer. However, in a study by the Chinese Academy of Preventive Medicine, P53 gene damage was found in some cases with asbestos-related cancers, such as mesothelioma.

Gendikina works by activating the p53 gene, which acts as a tumor suppressor but is shut down in a cancer cell because asbestos, chemicals and radiation can be deactivated. Genetic treatment uses the virus as a half-way to transport the p53 gene to cancer cells and causes the p53 gene to reactivate and initiate cancer cell self-destruction (apoptosis).


Great Lakes Region


The Great Lakes region covers much of Ontario, Canada. It also includes eight US states. These US states are bordered by the Great Lakes and are New York, Ohio, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota and Michigan. The entire portion of Canada's coastal lake is located in Ontario. The following geographical definition of the Great Lakes region is the land area consumed in the region.

The Great Lakes are distinguished for their significant contributions to the economy, culture, technology and natural resources. Notable contributions include the democratic economy and government. In addition, industrial production and inventions for automobile manufacturing, agricultural machinery, transportation and commercial architecture are his most important contributions.

The lake occupies one fifth of the world's freshwater surface. This region contains many minerals such as iron, especially in the Mesabi Mountains of Minnesota, as well as Michigan & # 39; s also in the Upper Peninsula. In addition, the wealth of southern Illinois and western Pennsylvania is coal, also a valuable mineral deposit. Significant abundance of coal and iron provided the most important basic materials for the world's largest steel production in the 19th century. At the end of the 20th century

The soil here is very rich and produces large quantities of corn and cereals. Pennsylvania was the world's first "oil boom." The wild rice fields of Minnesota and the rice paddies of Wisconsin continue to be natural causes, as some Indians introduced them to Europeans in the 17th century. Century.

In terms of technology, the Great Lakes region has made significant advances in agriculture. The most memorable contributions to technology are Cyrus McCormick & # 39; s are a mechanical grill, grain elevator and John Deere's steel plow. The University of Chicago and Case Western Reserve University are important sites in citing early nuclear energy research.

In Indiana and Ohio, automobile manufacturing was introduced. Automotive Manufacturing Michigan & # 39; s was in the Detroit area. Henry Ford's assembly became a real estate brand in the steel industry engineering, meat processing and agricultural machinery manufacturing. Steel engineering helped revolutionize the modern era of mass production. Chicago-based two companies, namely Sears Roebuck and Montgomery Ward, balanced manufacturers with mass distribution details.

His contribution to modern transportation includes Wright Brothers' early aircraft. Other well-known contributions include vessels from the Great Lakes, as well as steel rails and wooden laces. The century-old Erie Canal and St. The Lawrence Seaway also increased the engineering scale for a huge water-born load.

Even before European immigration, this region has a well-established political economy. The Indians met through a network of rivers, ports, and lagoons that hold goods on the Gulf of Mexico and even the coasts of North America. There are major exports to the region in western Pennsylvania. natural oil, copper from coastal seas and islands to Sault Ste. Marie, Minnesota pipestones, dried cranberries and wild rice from Wisconsin.

Since the industrial revolution, this region has been the center of industry. Many American and Canadian companies are headquartered.


East Coast Accounting Schools


While in high school you should start looking for good accounting degrees. Even if you have a mediocre GPA, you can still access good accounting schools. If you live in the east of the country, then you have many options for a good accounting school.

The east coast of America runs directly from Maine to Florida. & # 9; East Coast & # 9; It refers to parts of the northeast and mid-Atlantic: New York, Rhode Island, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Maryland, Delaware, Washington DC, Vermont, Pennsylvania and sometimes Virginia, North Carolina and West Virginia.

The eastern countries of the country have very old business and accounting schools, but they are very popular. These schools have had good results over the years and are good companies when they graduate. Even undergraduate studies can go to training jobs for college fees and side experience.

East Coast schools include schools such as Boston College, William and Mary College, Wellesley College, Swarthmore College, Haverford College, New Jersey and Washington College. Of course, there are others.

Considering the more natural environment, you can then choose schools like Maine, Massachusetts, Vermont, Connecticut and NY State, New Jersey, and places like Virginia and Pennsylvania. But if you prefer city life then you have to choose between NY City, Philadelphia Boston and Washington DC.

Other schools are located in places with severe winter conditions. If you like winters, you can go to places with mild winter conditions, such as northern parts of New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, Washington DC, North Carolina and West Virginia. Schools in snowy places are New York Upstate and New England.

So, for those of you who want to study accounting at the top universities on the east coast of America, there are many possibilities. Of course, each of these universities offers many courses and degrees that you want to get. For those staying on the east coast, these universities are certainly one of the best universities in the world, and studying at such a university can certainly be an honor.


Dead on Ann Kelly Book Review


Dead On is an exciting novel that blends the creepy, scary, mystery, and paranormal, to provide a quick and provocative read.

Ann Yang was hoping to get away from the craziness of her divorce and started in the quiet suburb of Doylestown, Pennsylvania. She started working as a medical examiner, renovating her home, putting her past into the past … However, that idea is few, as the compassionate killer begins to sink into her cunning craft. s backyard. When the body is found, of course, the killer & # 39; it is a single union sign placed under the tongue, cursed by the police, Ann is found a madman. Accustomed to high-profile crimes with her colleagues and mistaken for the killings, Ann calls her close friend and retired FBI profile, Tony Cole. Together they follow the clues from Pennsylvania to New Orleans, finding themselves wrapped up in an impossible-to-answer puzzle.

Adding another dimension to this multi-layered story is Ann & # 39; the discovery of an old newspaper that immediately catches his attention and captivates his unusual perceptive abilities. Over a hundred years on the pages of time, the intimate details of the disappearance of an unresolved young girl are explained. Could you relate to that? Could the visions of being a murderer in the past in life affect reality or possibly shape it? This psychopath is clearly the only thing Ann has in her sights, and has unwittingly become a pawn for the big cat and mouse game.

Highly drawn characters, however, are as fluid as the ink on this author phenomenon. The expert use of the interview enlivens the characters and provides a disturbing reading experience. Despite its quick reading, Kelly doesn't give a damn in terms of complexity, depth and suspense. The palpable tension builds as the story speeds, almost in a shameful way, toward a surprising but poignant conclusion.

Ann Kelly The novelist's debut novel is well researched, portrayed with intelligence and passion. The passionate clue embedded inside keeps the reader involved and guessing, without fear. The mystery within the mystery allows Kelly to develop multiple angles at once, weaving an intricate network of slaughter and contagion, a regression on past life and excellent detection.

Readers, if you are looking for an entertaining novel lost in a few hours Dead On it's a good choice.

Glad to read!


Real estate is still growing in central PA


As the rest of the US market declines, real estate continues to rise in central Pennsylvania. Where is this more than just Harrisburg, the state capital located between Pittsburgh and Philadelphia? Just in case, Triple Crown Corporation, a Harrisburg PA home builder, is in the midst of a big expansion and even thinks of moving to other markets outside of Pennsylvania.

Nationally, real estate companies are backing their operations. But, that's not true everywhere. A leader in the central Pennsylvania real estate market, Triple Crown Corporation continues to build new homes and commercial space in Harrisburg. The Company's property management division owns and manages 739 rental homes, townhouses, and apartments, as well as nearly 1.6 million square feet of warehouse, retail, and office space in and around Harrisburg PA.

In the wake of another star year, the Triple Crown Corporation was named the "Property Management Company of the Year" by AP Central Association. The award was made during the company’s 30th year in business. The winner of the Triple Crown Corporation is the top winner to choose from, after reviewing several of the largest companies in the field.

Some experts believe that the success of the central PA market can go back to the family business history. Founded in 1977 by Alex DiSanto. Triple Crown Corporation started with four employees and a single office. DiSanto sold it to his sons John and Mark in 1997. Now, after 30 years of strong growth and profitability, the company has grown to 79 employees and seven offices.

Asked about the company's future, CEO DiSanto responded: "We truly believe we can double our market share over the next three years." To achieve this ambitious goal, the Triple Crown Corporation is considering a three-year plan that will also expand to New York, Delaware, Maryland and Florida. The current real estate market is nationwide. Like hares and turtles, they can sometimes win the slow and steady real estate race.


It is regulated on the Internet


It is currently regulated by the Internet or the World Wide Web.

But, are you led to walk, are you led to believe that?
World governments are creating your new legislation
benefit or there are more of these laws
beneficial to governments and big business?

First of all we had Can-Spam and we regulate the sending of unsolicited other laws
commercial email containing false or misleading information on the subject,
or this is sent from invalid email addresses, but my inbox
It always seems to be full of junk mail. How many people
really fine or imprisoned.

The same can be said about downloading music files from the Internet
avoiding the copying rights and fees of musicians in the music industry. there is not
it seems that there have been more people caught than sites that are illegally caught
as long as the music downloads.

Search engines have the ability to track what they do
performs a search and is registered in a search engine service.
Even if you use AOL search engine and you use AOL email
account, tracking cookies can be tracked by your surfing online
and such information for commercial gain and
incorporating law enforcement agencies into the theory.

There were two separate lawsuits filed in Pennsylvania last week
Florida travel promoter and its telemarketer without prior notice
warnings and illegal contact with nearly 200 Pennsylvania consumers
he officially did not register in the state "without calling." Complaints
They came from consumers across 13 counties in Pennsylvania.

When telemarketers asked individuals who have registered their name and phone number on the "Do Not Call" list:

1. They did not see any consumer names in the "no calls" list.

2. They were following the package sent by email
the consumer, in fact, has not sent a package to the consumer.

3. They will have to mark the consumer by mistake, sorry.

The "No Call" list should be checked by telemarketers and in theory
If the name or phone number of a registered person appears
The list of computers that the telemarketer had to call, should be so
it's pretty easy to skip to the next person.

You can learn more and register your cellphone or home phone
number with "Do not call" registration within 5 years.
There is no registration fee.


As of January 1, 2005, television is required by the seller and the seller
search the record for at least 31 days and search for it shortly thereafter
they list the phone numbers of registered consumers.
https://telemarketing.donotcall.gov Telemarketers pay a fee
get a list of places, states or broadcaster Don't Call List.

A list of up to five area codes is free. The annual fee is forty
a maximum of five dollars per listing area code (after five)
eleven thousand dollars a year for the entire US database.

To place a telemarketer on a person on the call list
same as sending unsolicited email. Both are illegal.

Registering and purchasing your call list is much cheaper
and it is safer than doing so.

If you plan to do it all by phone in your local code
to promote your amazing new widget. Until you do
you have registered as a telecommunicator and got the list
not to call the people who make your call.

If you have purchased the Leads you need to enter legally
time and date stamp, IP address and compliance
Government email laws and acts, you are able to phone
Of them. But introduce yourself, your business and your product
or the service could be clearly and honestly or the birds could fall
There are also numerous Consumer Projects.

Since 911 the incidence of terrorism, your privacy
Internet, telephone and other forms of communication are in progress
monitor or at least FBI and other law enforcement
agencies can legally touch your phone and detect your email.

Part of the legislation being debated in the Senate
and the House of Representatives is a good "Patriot Act."
Part of this law is to be renewed later this year.

Upgrades include computer parts
hackers, sharing information obtained via Wire Taping over the Internet
Service providers delivering customer information and records
in case of possible emergencies, and to be heard by the police
communications as necessary and if required by court orders
this is a supposed terrorist case.

The Patriot Act was created to give a great name opportunity
authorities have more power in times of terrorism, but it is moving forward
more than that!

I think this act is necessary
But the threat to National Security is where this leaves off

We have all the rights of consumers, citizens and business owners,
it is a pity that there are small numbers of hobbies and fools
that spoils us above us.

Have a safe and secure week


Fishing and Outdoors – Northwest Montana is for you


Northwest Montana fishing is one of the most beautiful and beautiful fishing I have ever seen. Oh, and trout fishing is as good as anywhere except Alaska, but as you've probably heard, Alaska is only in one class. Northwest Montana offers incredible fishing. I grew up in central Pennsylvania and caught a lot of trout there, but Pennsylvania & # 39; trout fishing cannot be a candle to northwest Montana. And the scenery, while beautiful in central Pennsylvania, is also more elegant in Northwest Montana.

My biggest surprise came from fishing pressure. I think I would expect a big difference between PA and MT, but it's dramatic. Compared to each other, the number of axillaries seen in the water is significantly lower in the west. Another big surprise is that 80-90% of the trout caught in Northwest Montana are natives. I remember when we caught a local fish I was so surprised in PA. In Northwest Montana, almost all fish are native. That's nice too. For those of you who don't know the local trout, it is much more beautiful than a trout warehouse. So if you like local trout, Montana is the place for you.

Most of the trout are native and are quite large. Eighteen-inch fish are quite common, and many are larger than they are. Returning to PA for eighteen-inch trout would be almost trophy. Montana's trout are measured by how much they weigh, rather than how long. That was a foreign concept for me when I moved to Montana. I always grew trout every inch, but I quickly found that in Montana trout were measured in pounds.

Trout are not the only ones swimming in the waters of northwestern Montana. There is also phenomenal trout fishing here in the lake. Flathead Lake is in that fishery. Search & # 39; Flathead Lake & # 39; and you will see what I mean. Along with these species of trout, you will also find excellent bass and bass fishing. Years ago a local man caught a picket that I saw trapped anywhere in North America.

It is worth noting that Northwest Montana not only offers the most beautiful scenery in the country, but also some phenomenal fishing. If you are looking for a place to combine these two characteristics, fishing and natural beauty, Northwest Montana is for you.